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2016 HIFFSD Toil and Trouble Award Winners!

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Horrible Imaginings Podcasts

July 8, 2016

#159: Every Day is Halloween at ScareLA!

I talk about the Halloween convention ScareLA with organizer Emily Louise Rua! Halloween comes in August at ScareLA! Horrible Imaginings has a showcase!

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June 28, 2016

#158: Kasey Lansdale's Life Is A Musical (flying monkeys need not apply)

I talk to country western singer, author, and actress Kasey Lansdale about music, horror, writing, and all kinds of other great things!

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June 13, 2016

#157: Documenting Lives--A Conversation with Elstree 1976 Director Jon Spira

Elstree 1976 Director Jon Spira joins me for a frank discussion about his Star Wars (sorta) documentary, his fascination with human lives, cinema, and more!

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