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Premieres Friday, 1/30, 10:00pm, Digital Gym Cinema!

The director of Big Man Japan gives us the REAL leather straps! Ruthless dominatrixes pursue a mild-mannered salesman who wants to get out of his unbreakable contract with a secret bondage club.

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December 31, 20141 month ago

New Year Announcement! Delirio San Diego Film Series!

2015 will bring DELIRIO SAN DIEGO, a new film series highlighting the strangest cinematic creations from around the globe! Only at Digital Gym Cinema in North Park! Read more
December 24, 20141 month ago

#127: Storytime Edition: Guy de Maupassant's THE HORLA

It is a Storytime Edition of today's horror podcast! Guy de Maupassant's tale of madness, isolation, and invisible horror! THE HORLA!
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December 2, 20142 months ago

#126: Searching for a 2'9" James Bond (And It Gets Emotional)

The Search for Weng Weng Documentary is about to tour North America. Listen to the story of the director's 7-year quest to tell the story of the Filipino 2'9" James Bond!
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November 27, 20142 months ago

Horrible Imaginings Podcast Episode #125: Sinbad The Fifth Voyage with Director Shahin Sean Solimon

The newly rebranded Horrible Imaginings Podcast takes on the legendary character of Sinbad and discusses a new indie Sinbad movie with the director! Watch out for Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage on VOD starting December 2nd!
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