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Horrible Imaginings Podcast #183: Films to Watch at San Diego Asian Film Festival 2017!

Hello everyone! As you know, this is a horror genre podcast but it is also a film festival official podcast, and we are trying to increase our content that has to do with film festival missions and purposes from the start so let’s start with an element in the film festival world that I am particularly a proponent of: collaboration.

From my point of view, this is in the effort to serve two main purposes:

  1. 1. To promote the filmmakers of new innovative and exciting independent cinema
  2. 2. To build a community of general audience members who are smart, enthusiastic, and eager to learn more about the art of cinema
There are parts of our mission statement, and every mission statement that differ or go beyond those things, but I would say those are the two main umbrella purposes. In my view, we fill those needs better and with greater power when we work together, expose each other’s audiences to different types of films, and learn from each other’s experiences. Not only that, but I get the opportunity to experience a number of fantastic film festivals year in and year out, which is no small benefit!

This week includes one of the best here in San Diego. With their 18th year about to kick off on Thursday, November 9th, Pac Arts Movement’s San Diego Asian Film Festival has spent almost two decades celebrating Pan-Asian media arts and the creators of those arts with over a week of films, panels, discussions, and more. They also do year-round programs, work with schools in youth outreach efforts, and generally help with some much needed enrichment of San Diego Arts and Culture. I am happy to have my friend, the Artistic Director of Pac Arts Movement, Brian Hu here to chat with us about this year’s offerings. It is amazing to get him just one day before his madness begins, so thank you, Brian! 

In this episode, we discuss:
    What Brian Hu's role is in the San Diego Asian Film Festival
    The variety of films and the importance of genre
    How genre helps SD Asian Film Fest meet their mission statement
    A watch list for all of you!
    Other special programs

If you are not in San Diego, take these titles down to seek them out at a film festival near you, or perhaps even another theatrical run. If you are, you need to join us! Click Here for a complete program!

If you want to join us, here are our itinerarys:


Friday 11/10: 
2:15pm: Bad Genius at Ultrastar
4pm: Short Films: New Mutants at Ultrastar
6:15pm: Marlina the Murderer at Ultrastar
8:35pm: Before we Vanish at Ultrastar

Saturday 11/11:
1pm: Podcasting Panel at Marriott Mission Valley
2:40pm: Shopping for Fangs at Ultrastar
4pm: Animation at Ultrastar
8:40pm: Try to catch the first act of The Villainess
9:45pm: Caniba at Ultrastar

Sunday 11/12
Noon: Reel Voices Shorts at Ultrastar
3:45pm: Have a Nice Day at Ultrastar
6:30pm: Mon Mon Mon Monsters at UCSD Price Theater

Monday 11/13
4pm: Short Films: Where the Light at Ultrastar
9:40pm: Mystery Kung Fu Theater at Ultrastar (this is nonnegotiable for us all)

Tuesday 11/14
5:30pm: Birds without Names at Ultrastar
8:55pm Paradox at Ultrastar

Wednesday 11/15
2pm: Our Time will Come at Ultrastar
5:45pm: Shorts International Discoveries at Ultrastar
6:45pm: Cococolors (only 45 mins)
8:55pm: Dragonfly Eyes at DGC

Thursday 11/16
4pm: Short Films Disinherit Me at Ultrastar
7:50pm: Somewhere Beyond the Mist at Ultrastar


Saturday 11/11:
1pm: Claire's Camera
5pm: The Day After
9:45pm: Caniba at Ultrastar

Sunday 11/12
4:05pm: They
6:30pm: A Taxi Driver

Monday 11/13
4pm: Short Films: Where the Light at Ultrastar
7:35pm: Those Long Haired Nights
9:40pm: Mystery Kung Fu Theater at Ultrastar

Wednesday 11/15
6:40pm: Bamseom Pirates Seoul Inferno at DGC
8:55pm: Dragonfly Eyes at DGC

Thursday 11/16
6pm: A Day
7:50pm: Somewhere Beyond the Mist at Ultrastar

Friday 11/17
7pm: A Better Man at TheNAT

The San Diego Asian Film Festival is San Diego's largest film festival and premiere showcase of Asian American and international cinema. This year, SDAFF includes International, North American, and San Diego premiere screenings, filmmaker and artist Q&As, celebrity appearances, and exclusive events.

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Horrible Imaginings Podcast #181: Halloween Watchlists to Make You Shudder!

We are less than a week from Halloween, the best year of the night for us horror fans, and if you are anything like me you are planning on filling your days with even more horror films than usual in celebration. With all of the new and unprecedented access to more film titles than ever before, we can spend just as much (or more) time combing through lists and trying to make decisions than we do actually watching our favorite movies. That's why it can be a lot of help to have some solid curators around.

In this episode I recruited two of the best curators around. The horror streaming service Shudder is the Halloween destination for all things horror, thriller and suspense. They distinguish themselves from other streaming services with a keen attention to film selection, categorization, and, of course, curation. Colin Geddes and Sam Zimmerman are very passionate about that curation job they do for Shudder, and I am happy to have them on this episode.

There was only one true mission here: we each created our own lists of films that we think are great for Halloween. I asked them for titles and to explain why they would fit specifically for this season, when we all know we watch horror year round. So, what are you waiting for? Get your pen and paper out to copy down these lists, prepare your nights for popcorn and frights, and (if you haven't already) subscribe to Shudder for some of the best horror around!

ABOUT SHUDDER: AMC Network’s Shudder is a premium streaming video service, super-serving fans of all degrees with thrillers, suspense, and horror. Home to the largest and fastest-growing human-curated selection of high-quality, spine-tingling and provocative international and independent films, TV series, and originals, there’s always something new and unexpected for Shudder members to explore. Shudder’s expanding library is available in the US, Canada, UK, and Ireland on the web, iOS, Android, Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV, Xbox One, and Roku for $4.99/month or $49.99 with an annual membership. Join the Shudder community experience commitment-free for 7 days,

Twitter @shudder | Facebook @Shudder | Instagram @Shudder | YouTube @Shudder