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Short Film: Travel By Feet

Travel by Feet
Spain | Animation | 2015 | 15 minutes | Khris Cembe

Part of the Animation Block kicking off the festival 6:00 pm, Wednesday September 7!
A night train journey. A wagon full of passengers. An annoying companion in your compartment... What would you be willing to do in order to have a peaceful journey?

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[hi_image id='style-1' size='350x374' alignment='center' link='http://www.hifilmfest.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/KhrisCembe_head_shot.jpg' title='Director: Khris Cembe' text='Autodidactic animator, Khris started his career in the famous web serie Cálico Electrónico. He is the responsible of the visual development and color study of the recognized short film Birdboy, winner of Spains Goya Award in 2012' share='image' display='inline' new_window='0']Khris Cembe[/hi_image]