May 7, 2015 Posted by admin in General

#136: Such Sights! A Look Back at Hellraiser

Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't seen Hellraiser or read "The Hellbound Heart." We are looking in depth at the Hellraiser mythos in this episode, and that necessitates citing specific plot points. That said, these stories are strong enough to endure knowing what happens in some parts--they wouldn't be "spoiled" anyway! My newest co-host (yes, I know I need to change the bumper intro) Angela Englert joins me to discuss one of our favorite genre franchises on the eve of the release of the highly anticipated Clive Barker novel "The Scarlet Gospels."  In this discussion you will hear:
  1. A sudden interruption of EVP
  2. Conjecture about Clive Barker's announcement for "The Scarlet Gospels"
  3. A Hellraiser film history lesson
  4. Comparison between the film and the original novella "The Hellbound Heart"
  5. Cultural Influences on Hellraiser
  6. Conjecturing Hellraiser's cultural legacy, or the "meme harvest"
  7. What our Cenobites would look like
  8. Angela's eulogy to Pinhead
These are drawings of our Cenobites! Listen to the episode to hear our descriptions of them: our cenobites If you send me a description of what your Cenobite would look like, I will draw it and make it part of a gallery on the Facebook Page! Also, check out this nice list of Hellraiser references on Lair of Horror! Remember to follow us on Twitter! Angela is MechaAngela and I am HIFFSD! Also, check out Angela's reviews on the-LostHighway.com!