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2015 Horrible Imaginings Short Film: La Ropavejera (The Huckster)!


Country of Origin: Spain

Trapped in a portentous nineteenth-century mansion 9 children spend their days forsaken by fate. They live under the orders and abuses of the Huckster, a woman who likes to be referred to as “mother”. Her right hand is Angelita, a girl who punishes her fellow peers for the sake of the house's strict order and obedience. But everything gets out of control with the arrival of a new victim: Teresita. Her obstinacy might be the loose link of an endless chain of harassment and abuse.

"La Ropavejera (The Huckster)" will be featured during the "Child's Nightmares" Short Film Block, starting at 5:00pm on Friday, September 11th!

Part of Horrible Imaginings Horror Film Festival of San Diego's full line-up! Get Full Festival Passes or single screening tickets HERE!


Ana Torrent
Tesis, The Other Boleyn Girl

Marina Alegre

Álex Viciano

Director Bio:

Nacho Ruipérez (actor, writer and director) obtained a Degree in Audiovisual Communication at the UPV and a Master’s degree in postproduction for Film and TV, whilst studying Drama, Music and then finally the Ibero-American Master’s degree on Scriptwriting at the UIMP. He began in cinema with the German production “SOMMER HUNDE SÖHNE”, it was filmed in Germany, France, the Mediterranean Spanish Coast and Morocco. He would then come back to Morocco for the short film ‘Mush Push’ being part of the artistic department. He has mainly worked in theatre, being involved in more than two dozen performances for various companies such as Teatre de l’Ull, Pluja Teatre or Maduixa Creacions, and performing in countries such as Brazil, Switzerland, Portugal, The Netherlands... He has done all types of artwork for film and TV, collaborated in the conceptual make-up desing for films such as “PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN IV” or “RED LIGHTS” and worked on set for films like “EL HOMBRE DE LAS MARIPOSAS”. During 2008 he directed the TV programme “TELEGRAFIES”. He has also directed a number of films which have received international awards for best short film, including the “Festival de Cine Pobre de Cuba”, “Expresión en Corto” and “Festival Kinoki” (both in Mexico), the “Orlando Hispanic Film Festival” (USA) and “Festival Nacional de Cine Independiente” (Buenos Aires). His short film “URSULA’S VICTORY” was shortlisted for the Goya Awards in 2011. His first feature film as a director came from the Navarre Cronopia Films producer and was entitled “BLUE LIPS”. This film was made between 6 directors from different countries. As an Artistic Director, he was able to showcase his work in films like “LUCAS” directed by Álex Montoya, or “EL AMOR NO ES LO QUE ERA” by Gabi Ochoa (preset to 2014 Goya for Best Art Direction). He founded his own production company LALOMITA FILMS, where he has worked for more than four years doing all diferent kinds of media-related jobs, including editing commercials or corporate videos, graphic design, movie posters, website design and event development... His lastest feature film script “EL DESENTIERRO” has just been adapted to a novel by writer Ramon Cerda, who will also act as co-writer along with Ruipérez for an upcoming book on short horror stories. Today, he is engaged in the final stages of his latest directorial effort, “THE ROPAVEJERA” (a short film inspired by the life time of Enriqueta Martí) while combining his work as a professor at Valencia’s ACTOR SCHOOL, as a graphic artist in VIRTUAL ART CGI study, and with the management of the DULCES SUEÑOS PRODUCCIONES CINEMATOGRÁFICAS production company.