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Tag: Spain

July 9, 2016 Posted by admin in General

Short Film: They Will All Die in Space

they will posterThey Will All Die in Space
Spain | 2015 | 15 minutes | Javier Chillon

Part of the SciFi & Creature Features Shorts Block starting at noon, Saturday September 10!
The starship Tantalus drifts through space.

Fun Fact: Javier Chillon also directed the outstanding HIFFSD 2013 scifi hit film Decapoda Shock!
Cast: Francesc Garrido, Julio Perillan, Ben Temple
Cinematography: Luis Fuentes
Music: Cirilo Fernández
Official Website
Format: DCP


[hi_image id='style-1' size='400x275' alignment='center' link='' title='Director: Javier Chillon' text='Born Madrid, 1977. Studied filmmaking. Works as an editor. Die Schneider Krankheit (2008) Decapoda Shock (2011)' share='image' display='inline' new_window='0']Javier Chillon[/hi_image]


July 8, 2016 Posted by admin in General

Short Film: Travel By Feet

Travel by Feet
Spain | Animation | 2015 | 15 minutes | Khris Cembe

Part of the Animation Block kicking off the festival 6:00 pm, Wednesday September 7!
A night train journey. A wagon full of passengers. An annoying companion in your compartment... What would you be willing to do in order to have a peaceful journey?

Official Website


[hi_image id='style-1' size='350x374' alignment='center' link='' title='Director: Khris Cembe' text='Autodidactic animator, Khris started his career in the famous web serie Cálico Electrónico. He is the responsible of the visual development and color study of the recognized short film Birdboy, winner of Spains Goya Award in 2012' share='image' display='inline' new_window='0']Khris Cembe[/hi_image]


July 8, 2016 Posted by admin in General

Short Film: You Are Not the Strongest

you are not poster
You Are Not the Strongest
Spain | Animation | 2016 | 1 minute | Emilio Yebra

Part of the Animation Block kicking off the festival 6:00 pm, Wednesday September 7!
A hunter is searching for a new trophy for his collection


[hi_image id='style-1' size='250x344' alignment='center' link='' title='Director: Emilio Yebra' text='At the Industrial Design Engineering at the UPV of Valencia, he discovered the engraving techniques and the animation. He has directed two animation short films, THE RIGHT WAY and YOU ARE NOT THE STRONGEST' share='image' display='inline' new_window='0']Emilio Yebra[/hi_image]


July 30, 2015 Posted by admin in General

2015 Horrible Imaginings LGBT Short Film: Sanguine Craving!


Country of Origin: Spain

Part of Horrible Imaginings's LGBT Block! Marc must kill his first victim but he’s afraid he might not to feel the sanguine craving.

This film will be paired with the feature film You're Killing Me, starting at 7:25pm on Saturday, September 12th!

Part of Horrible Imaginings Horror Film Festival of San Diego's full line-up! Get Full Festival Passes or single screening tickets HERE!


Carlos Vicente

Iñaki Mur

Sílvia Sabaté

Luis Posada

Director Bio: Gerard Tusquellas Serra

Gerard Tusquellas Serra was born in Barcelona in 1990. He gets a degree in Film and Media in ESCAC, specializing in film direction. (Pulsión Sangrienta, 2014) is his first short film and his graduation project, and has been selected in the official section of the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival.