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2015 Horrible Imaginings 1st Annual Horror For Humanity Showcase: Se Busca!


Country of Origin: San Diego-Tijuana Local Spotlight!

Based on a true story, ‘Se Busca’ explores through a series of minimalist tableaus the issue of human trafficking, where hope meets deceit.

"Often I hear how people reject the horror genre because there is already 'so much horror in the world,' or 'if I want horror I will just watch the news.' Those statements fail to take into account the concept that filmmaking is an art that can exist to help us discuss and begin to deal with real-world horrors. The news is meant to inform, but it does little to react to real-world issues on a more personal level. That's what film is for. Horrible Imaginings is proud to announce the start of a new endeavor we are calling "Horror for Humanity": an initiative to showcase, and eventually help fund, different films that choose to look at some of the darkness of existence and channel that darkness through creative expression. Thank you for joining me in expanding what we can do with genre cinema!"

-Miguel Rodriguez, director of the Horrible Imaginings Film Fesitval

"Se Busca" will be featured during the "Horror for Humanity" Short Film Block, starting at 4:45pm on Saturday, September 12th!

Part of Horrible Imaginings Horror Film Festival of San Diego's full line-up! Get Full Festival Passes or single screening tickets HERE!


Andrea Ortiz

Antonio Jaramillo
Savages, Dallas, Red Dead Redemption

Pablo Camacho
DeronDirector Bio: Franck Deron

Franck Deron is a French filmmaker, born and raised in Vienna, Austria. He went to university in San Diego, and has spend most of the last 15 years there working in video game production and advertising. He loves to travel and is currently in Europe exploring personal projects and a more permanent move back to his old continent. Visit him online at www.franckderon.net