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Short Film: Genghis Khan Conquers the Moon

Ghengis Khan Conquers the Moon Part of the "Science Fiction and Creature Features" Shorts Block, starting 12 Noon on Saturday, September 10! USA | 2015 | 17 minutes | Kerry Yang In Genghis Khan's last days, an encounter with a Wizard sends him to the Moon. Just as...

Short Film: Bionic Girl

Bionic Girl Part of the SciFi & Creature Feature Shorts Block starting noon on Saturday, September 10! France | 2015 | 14 minutes | Stephanie Cabdevila A scientist has created her own android clone to replace her in the outside world so that it can face it for...

Short Film: They Will All Die in Space

They Will All Die in Space Spain | 2015 | 15 minutes | Javier Chillon Part of the SciFi & Creature Features Shorts Block starting at noon, Saturday September 10! The starship Tantalus drifts through space. Fun Fact: Javier Chillon also directed the outstanding HIFFSD 2013 scifi hit...