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Horrible Imaginings Podcast #177: 2017 Horrible Imaginings Reflection and Wrap Up

Hello, listeners! Holy crap I can't believe how quickly time has passed. This has truly been a summer of way too much going on, with countless conventions and festivals, planning, meetings, and more to keep me away from the podcast mic, not to mention suddenly having to teach middle school Science for a brief period. Now, though, the 2017 Horrible Imaginings Film Festival has come and gone, and it is time for me to make a podcast reflecting the event and acknowledging the hard work and dedication of the people who help put it on. I am going to keep this written piece brief so you can just get to the audio. Just know that I am sincerely thankful for how successful and engaging this year turned out to be. Truly our best year yet. What a life to lead! Subscribe to the Horrible Imaginings Podcast right here. You can also listen here on Dread Central or on the Horrible Imaginings website. You can help keep the podcast, the film festival, and our horror community going for only $1 per month! Become a patron at our Patreon for exclusive content and perks! Find out about San Diego horror events on our FacebookTwitterInstagram, and YouTube pages, and always stay scared!

#146: The 6th Annual Horrible Imaginings Film Festival Wrap-Up and Reflection

Another year has come and gone, leaving us with the best Horrible Imaginings Film Festival yet! Our new venue at The Museum of Photographic Arts was a hit, the films were top notch, the audience was incredible, and the feedback has been overwhelming. Join me in a reflection of the event, along with Cinema Junkie Beth Accomando and film festival regular attendee Joshua Sutton as we discuss highlights and think about the future!

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