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Short Film: Leshy

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Part of the "Supernatural Horrors" Shorts Block, starting 2:40 pm on Sunday, September 11!
Czech Republic | 2015 | 23 minutes | Pavel Soukup

Karel is passionate forester who reigns his woods with tough but caring hand. In an abandoned part of the woods lurchers wake up a creature, who can be an equivalent opponent for him. In fairy tales this creature is called Leshy, but meeting it is definitely not a fairy tale. While Karel is trying to track Leshy, he is already closer than he had expected. Who will become the real ruler of the woods?

Cast: Vladimira Havlickova, Marek Pospichal, Josef Rarach
Cinematographer: Vaclav Tlapak
Music: Daniel Patras
Language: Czech with English Subtitles
Official Website
Format: DCP


Pavel Soukup



Leshy (2016) Teaser ENG from Travelling distribution on Vimeo.