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Horrible Imaginings Podcast #164: BizarroCon, Horrible People, and the You-Shaped Hole in the Universe

As promised! The Horrible Imaginings Podcast has picked up an esteemed and brilliant new semi-regular co-host! He has been known for his collaborative work in novels and anthologies including The Light at the End, The Scream, Animals, and Book of the Dead. He publishes the work of other talented authors with his imprint Fungasm PressAlong with his co-director Andrew Kasch, he has also directed two short films that played Horrible Imaginings Film Festival: Stay at Home Dad and ClownTown: Bombo and Flopsy in an Honest Mis-Stake, as well as a segment for the Halloween anthology film Tales of Halloween. Many of you know by now that I am talking about John Skipp.


Skipp was a special guests at the latest Horrible Imaginings Film Festival in September--as a panelist on our "Horror in Literature" panel, and as a reader during our campfire-style readings of horror stories on the Botanical Lawn in Balboa Park, alongside such great talents as Laura Lee Bahr, Brian Evenson, Cody Goodfellow, and Ross E. Lockhart. It was during his time at the festival, and during some of the conversations we had, that I thought he would be a great semi-regular co-host for the podcast, since he is quite adept at our regular mission of exploring horror in history, art, literature, film, and beyond!

Skipp also came to me because he wanted to show some of the films he saw at Horrible Imaginings at a showcase he was programming for Portland, Oregon's Bizarro Con. I decided this should be a perfect first podcast episode for him--what is Bizarro, what is the convention like, and so on! I also decide to discuss his notions about the art of horrible people, which is also the title of his 2015 short story anthology!


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As promised in the episode, here are some book trailers from Fungasm Press!

Subscribe to the Horrible Imaginings Podcast right here. You can also listen here on Dread Central or on the Horrible Imaginings Website. You can help keep the podcast, the film festival, and our horror community going for only $1 per month! Become a patron on Patreon for exclusive content and perks! Find out about San Diego horror events on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, and always stay scared!


#148: Tales of Halloween Q&A with John Skipp and Andrew Kasch

usJohn Skipp and Andrew Kasch, the directing duo behind the THIS MEANS WAR segment of the new Halloween celebration anthology called TALES OF HALLOWEEN, joined us for a fantastic and hilarious Q&A following our screening. It was after 1am by the time this Q&A happened, but there was no shortage of energy or thoughtfulness. And now all you in the internet world can enjoy it, too!

In this episode, we talk:
1. Capturing the unique characters behind home haunts
2. Different types of horror fans
3. The popularity of anthology horror and horror in the short form
4. The challenges and benefits of a huge collaboration like Tales of Halloween
5. How the duo started working together
6. The future of ClownTown
And More!

As of this posting, there are five more San Diego showtimes of Tales of Halloween with the short film Yummy Meat: A Halloween Carol! If you are in town get your butt to the Digital Gym Cinema to watch this with a crowd on the big screen and have some fun celebrating our favorite holiday! Here are the showtimes:

10/26 8:30 PM
10/27 5:15 PM
10/28 5:15 PM
10/28 9:15 PM
10/29 5:15 PM - 7:15 PM
See more at:


July 30, 2015 Posted by admin in General

2015 Horrible Imaginings Short Film: ClownTown: Bombo & Flopsy in, An Honest Mis-stake!


Country of Origin: USA

Disaffected birthday party clowns discover their true calling when they come across soul-sucking vampire harlequins trying to cut in on their action.

"ClownTown: Bombo & Flopsy in, An Honest Mis-stake" will be featured during the "Horror-comedy" Short Film Block, starting at 12:00pm on Saturday, September 12th!

Part of Horrible Imaginings Horror Film Festival of San Diego's full line-up! Get Full Festival Passes or single screening tickets HERE!


Graham Denman
Haunting Of Whaley House, Tales Of Halloween

Sean Whalen
Twister, People Under The Stairs

Tom Holland
Fright Night, Child's Play
andrew and john skipp

Directors: Andrew Kasch & John Skipp

JOHN SKIPP is a New York Times Bestselling author, a Stoker Award-winning author, and a co-director of several short films, including Horrible Imaginings alumnus film STAY AT HOME DAD and “This Means War”, a segment in the forthcoming TALES OF HALLOWEEN.

ANDREW KASCH is the co-creator of NEVER SLEEP AGAIN, the definitive Nightmare On Elm Street documentary. He also works as an editor on The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow for Warner Brothers Television.