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Tag: horrible imaginings 2016

July 9, 2016 Posted by admin in General

Short Film: Little Boy Blue

little boy blue
Little Boy Blue
Part of the "Human Killer & Psychological Terrors" Shorts Block, starting 12 Noon on Sunday, September 11!
Australia | 2015 | 29 minutes | Nathan Keene

On a rural farm, a lonely girl must face her own dark desires when she discovers a boy held captive in a neighboring farm’s barn.
This is one of the most powerful and beautiful short films I've seen in a long time! -Miguel

Cast: Nina Louise, Jessica King, Harry Peek, Julie-Anne Breen
Cinematographer: Ashley Barron (someone to look out for!)
Music: Darren Lim
Official Website
Format: DCP


[hi_image id='style-1' size='300x370' alignment='center' link='' title='Director: Nathan Keene' text='Nathan Keene studied at Curtin University in Perth completing a Bachelor of Arts in Film and TV with Honors in Screen Arts in 2004. He wrote and directed two major short films during the course – Postie (2003) and A Perfect Cure (2004).' share='image' display='inline' new_window='0']Nathan Keene[/hi_image]



LITTLE BOY BLUE Trailer from Story One on Vimeo.

July 8, 2016 Posted by admin in General

Short Film: You Are Not the Strongest

you are not poster
You Are Not the Strongest
Spain | Animation | 2016 | 1 minute | Emilio Yebra

Part of the Animation Block kicking off the festival 6:00 pm, Wednesday September 7!
A hunter is searching for a new trophy for his collection


[hi_image id='style-1' size='250x344' alignment='center' link='' title='Director: Emilio Yebra' text='At the Industrial Design Engineering at the UPV of Valencia, he discovered the engraving techniques and the animation. He has directed two animation short films, THE RIGHT WAY and YOU ARE NOT THE STRONGEST' share='image' display='inline' new_window='0']Emilio Yebra[/hi_image]