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July 9, 2016 Posted by admin in General

Feature Film: Idyll

4:45pm, Sunday, September 11!
Slovenia | 2015 | 83 minutes | Tomaž Gorkič

After a night of carousing the amateur photo model Zina heads for a fashion shoot in nature, accompanied by the ambitious Mia, apathetic Dragica and snobby photographer Blitcz. On their way to the location they come across some odd locals, but pay them no attention. On an idyllic meadow that they chose as their location, they are violently attacked by its supposed owners Francl and Vintlr. Thus an ordinary fashion shoot in nature turns into a fierce fight for survival…

Idyll plays with the genre pattern of a horrifying confrontation between rural an urban. Underneath the basic story structure there are some subtly positioned problematic themes that modern-day Slovene as well as general society faces nowadays. It is a dark reflection of the world we live in.

Cast: Nina Ivanišin (Slovenka aka Slovenian Girl)
Lotos Vincenc Šparovec (Temni angeli usode aka Dark Angels)
Nika Rozman (Kruha in iger aka Bread and Circuses)
Sebastian Cavazza (Naša mala klinika aka Our Little Clinic)
Jurij Drevenšek (Brat Bratu aka Brother to Brother)
Manca Ogorevc
Damjana Černe (Učna leta izumitelja Polža)
Matic Bobnar
Damir Leventić (Trafika)
Cinematography: Nejc Saje
Music: Davor Herceg
Official Website
Format: DCP


[hi_image id='style-1' size='400x275' alignment='center' link='' title='Director: Tomaž Gorkič' text='Idyll is his first feature-length film and, in a way, also the pioneering film of the horror genre in Slovenian cinematography.' share='image' display='inline' new_window='0']Tomaž Gorkič[/hi_image]



July 9, 2016 Posted by admin in General

Feature Film: ...In the Dark

in the dark
...In the Dark
7:45pm, Friday, September 9!
USA | 2015 | 81 minutes | David Spaltro

Skeptical grad student, Veronica Carpenter (Lynn Justinger), interviews renowned paranormal specialist, Dr. Lois Kearne (Fiona Horrigan), for her thesis on the benefits of her supernatural research in regards to modern psychology, and joins her on a field study trip to a Brooklyn family home supposedly “besieged by evil spirits”. Once at the residence of nurse Joan Mills (Catherine Cobb Ryan) and Bethany (Grace Folsom), her recently returned daughter, the investigators are immediately confronted with dark secrets, darker energies, unexplainably horrific events, and a young girl who’s affliction tests the boundaries of all their collective research and experience, forcing everyone to confront their own haunted pasts and demons. And what exactly is lying hungrily in wait “…In the Dark”.

Cast: Grace Folsom, Lynn Justinger, Fiona Horrigan, Catherine Cobb Ryan, Kayla Leasure
Cinematography: Gus Sacks
Music: Fritz Myers
Official Website
Format: DCP


[hi_image id='style-1' size='400x275' alignment='center' link='' title='Director: David Spaltro' text='David Spaltro grew up in Jersey City, New Jersey, across the Hudson from New York City. He graduated with a BFA in Directing at the School of Visual Arts in 2005. ' share='image' display='inline' new_window='0']David Spaltro[/hi_image]



July 9, 2016 Posted by admin in General

Feature Film: PATH

path poster
9:40pm, Friday, September 9!
Chile | 2015 | 86 minutes | Lucio A. Rojas

Ana is a young woman who has just been given a scholarship to study in a foreign country. She decides to celebrate with their friends out of the city. On the road, after helping an injured woman, they are kidnapped by a weird family who are working for an organized group belonging to the highest political circles of the region.

In their attempt to escape they will be forced to cross all known limits in a fight to survive, even if that means to betray a friend.

Cast: Andrea García-Huidobro, Diego Casanueva, Sofía García, Tomás Vidiella, Javiera Hernández
Cinematography: Javiera Farfán
Music: Felipe Yaluff
Language: Spanish with English Subtitles
Official Website
Format: DCP


[hi_image id='style-1' size='500x275' alignment='center' link='' title='Director: Lucio A. Rojas' text='Lucio A. Rojas was born in Santiago, Chile. Director of "Zombie Dawn" (2012), "Perfidy" (2014) and "Path" (2019). Now in pre-production of "Trauma" his next film.' share='image' display='inline' new_window='0']Lucio A. Rojas[/hi_image]


July 9, 2016 Posted by admin in General

Feature Film: Beyond the Gates

beyond the gates
Beyond the Gates
7:00pm, Saturday, September 10!
USA | 2016 | 84 minutes | Jackson Stewart

Two estranged brothers reunite at their missing father's video store to liquidate the property and sell off his assets. As they dig through the store, they find a VCR board game dubbed 'Beyond The Gates' that holds a connection to their father's disappearance and deadly consequences for anyone who plays it.

Fun Facts: Actor Sara Malakul Lane also appears in this year's official selection Shortwave! Actors Jesse Merlin and Graham Skipper slayed audiences in the brilliant on-stage RE-ANIMATOR: THE MUSICAL, the original of which starred (of course) Beyond the Gates star Barbara Crampton! Whew! So exited for this one!
Cast: Barbara Crampton (The Re-Animator, From Beyond, We Are Still Here)
Brea Grant (Halloween II, Dexter)
Ryan Kunert
Sara Malakul Lane (2016 HIFFSD Official Selection Shortwave)
Matt Mercer(Contracted)
Jesse Merlin (FDR: American Badass)
Graham Skipper (The Mind's Eye, Almost Human)
Chase Williamson (John Dies at the End
Cinematography: Brian Sowell
Music: Wojciech Golczewski
Format: DCP


[hi_image id='style-1' size='450x300' alignment='center' link='' title='Director: Jackson Stewart' text='Jackson Stewart was born on February 17, 1985 in Tucson, Arizona, USA. He is a writer and producer, known for Beyond the Gates (2016), Sex Boss (2013) and The Hollywood Reboot.' share='image' display='inline' new_window='0']Jackson Stewart[/hi_image]


July 28, 2015 Posted by admin in General

2015 Horrible Imaginings Feature Film: You're Killing Me!

youre killing me poster

Country of Origin: USA

Part of Horrible Imaginings's LGBT Block! An intriguing mix of horror and romantic comedy, You're Killing Me demonstrates what happens when narcissistic, wannabe Internet star George meets Joe, a monotone serial killer.

George catches Joe's attention and they immediately begin dating. While all of George's friends agree that Joe seems a bit strange, George claims his new beau "isn't scary, he's gorgeous."

As George's friends start to disappear, the remaining group take matters into their own hands. The surprising ending begs the question: Can the right kind of attention make you blind to a cute killer?

Part of Horrible Imaginings Horror Film Festival of San Diego's full line-up! Get Full Festival Passes or single screening tickets HERE!


Matthew McKelligon

Jeffery Self
30 Rock, 90210, Shameless, Torchwood

Jack Plotnick
Rubber, Wrong, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Edi Patterson
Californication, Partners, Weeds

Mindy Cohn
The Facts of Life

Director Bio: Jim Hansen, creator of The Chloe Videos