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#149: I Talk Indie Film Production with UK-Based Fume Films

ben steiner and dan dixonIt has been a bit of a hiatus since our last episode while I take care of some health problems, but hopefully I can attack 2016 with regained vigor and enthusiasm. This will be the final episode of 2015, and what better way to endcap the year on a film festival podcast than with a conversation all about independent film production? Joining me for this conversation are Ben Steiner and Dan Dixon of the UK-based Fume Films, whose short film THE STOMACH took home an Horrible Imaginings trophy back in 2014.

Now, while we talk about independent filmmaking in some general terms that should interest anyone who wants to hear about the process, it will help if listeners have seen some of Fume Films' output in order to give this episode some more context. These are excellent and creatively original short films well worth your time. THE STOMACH is the film that took home our trophy for best Paranormal short film. You can watch it on iTunes for just a couple of bucks! Click the poster for a direct link to that download: stomach poster

You can also see THE FLEA for free here:

The Flea from FUME FILMS on Vimeo.

We also discuss some of the poster work in the podcast. Here are some of the other posters to give that discussion some context: posters


May 13, 2015 Posted by admin in General

#137: Dark Star: HR Giger's World

Hello everyone! Angela and I got the chance to see Dark Star: H.R. Giger's World last night on the exact one year anniversary of Giger's death. Let it be known that we were quite affected by the film. Listen to our reaction--and we do avoid anything that could be called spoilers, even though this is just a film portrait of a fascinating man. Please go and see the documentary if it is playing anywhere near you. I am listing some dates here: dark star poster

Opening theatrically in the U.S. and Canada in over 30 cities:

May 15-21 - New York, NY - Landmark Sunshine

May 15-21 - Los Angeles, CA - Landmark NuArt

May 15-21 - San Francisco, CA - Landmark Opera Plaza

May 15-21 - Berkeley, CA - Landmark Shattuck

May 15-21 - Providence, RI - Cable Car Cinema

May 22-28 - Long Beach, CA - The Frida Cinema

May 22-28 - San Diego, CA - Landmark Ken (my city gets bold. kisses, Miguel)

May 22-28 - Dallas, TX - Texas Theatre

May 23-26 - Austin, TX - Alamo Drafthouse

May 23-28 - Houston, TX - Alamo Drafthouse

May 28 - June 4 - Washington, D.C. - Landmark E St

May 28 - June 4 - Vancouver, BC - The Cinematheque

May 29 - June 4 - Denver, CO - Landmark (TBD)

May 28 - June 4 - Columbus, OH - Gateway Film Center

May 29 - June 4 - Philadelphia, PA - Landmark Ritz

May 28 - May 31 - Fort Worth, TX - Fort Worth Museum of Contemporary Art

View additional theatrical dates here:

Giger and skull

Listen to the episode here: