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2015 Horrible Imaginings Local Spotlight Short: AfterImage!


Country of Origin: San Diego Local Spotlight!

A woman seeks to connect her reality to the image she sees in a mysterious photograph.

Actor Ian Tripp can be spotted being eaten by zombies in our official trailer!

"AfterImage" will be featured during the "Natural Vs. Supernatural 'Supernatural'" Short Film Block, starting at 1:25pm on Sunday, September 13th!

Part of Horrible Imaginings Horror Film Festival of San Diego's full line-up! Get Full Festival Passes or single screening tickets HERE!


Kasey Pearl Lee

Ian Tripp

Director Bio: Greg Lowe

Shot and edited in 4 days. First release after filmmaker Greg Lowe decided to walk away from a 16-year career as a physics educator in order to follow his passion. Many more to come. Stay tuned!