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Brian Evenson's THE WARREN to get Early Release at Horrible Imaginings Film Festival!

Warren-fullIt is with great thanks to our sponsor Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore that we have an incredible new announcement! Author Brian Evenson, who will be speaking and reading at Horrible Imaginings on Saturday, September 10th, will have 30 copies of his new book The Warren available for purchase. Lucky audience members will get first crack at this awesome new novel, which won't be available to the rest of the world until 10 days later on September 20th!

Tor Books has been extremely gracious to allow these 30 limited copies for early release--truly a World Premiere Early Exclusive! Only to Horrible Imaginings Attendees! Get it signed by the author Brian Evenson on the same day that you hear him read and speak at our "Horror in Literature Panel!" This will be on sale from Mysterious Galaxy ON SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 10TH ONLY! Make sure to get to The Museum of Photographic Arts to get the book, enjoy some films, and get scared!

mysterious galaxy logo high res cmyk


This is part of the infusion of horror literature into the regular programming of Horrible Imaginings. We will feature readings, book signings, a panel, and great stuff from 01 Publishing, The Horror Writer's Association, and more!

From the catalog description of The Warren:

X doesn’t have a name. He thought he had one—or many—but that might be the result of the failing memories of the personalities imprinted within him. Or maybe he really is called X.

He’s also not as human as he believes himself to be.

But when he discovers the existence of another—above ground, outside the protection of the Warren—X must learn what it means to be human, or face the destruction of their two species.

Tickets available here:


Panel: Horror Literature & Readings!

horror authors

Horror Literature Panel

5:35 pm on Saturday, September 10! Following the "Viva Mexploitation" Panel!
There is no question that the roots of horror film reside in Gothic horror literature. The written word has long been used to explore terror, dread, and fear--classically for didactic purposes, often to entertain, even to achieve sublimity. This year will mark the first year of a concentrated effort to inject literature into the programming in some way. To kick it off, we will have one panel dedicated to the art of prose-based scares! We will be joined with authors who specialize in terrorizing their readers: Brian Evenson, Laura Lee Bahr, John Skipp, Cody Goodfellow, Lisa Morton, Ross Lockhart, and even some local San Diego scaremasters: David Agranoff, Robert Essig, and Anthony Trevino!

Campfire-Style Night Readings

9:45 pm on Saturday, September 10! Outside on the Botanical Lawn!
Following the horrific performance art of Anna Yanushkevich and her team, we will gather around the (figurative) campfire on the Botanical Lawn outside for a traditional round of campfire-style readings from our esteemed authors! Get ready to have your spine tingled, old school!

Flash Fiction Before Film Blocks

At various points throughout the film festival, an author will read a piece of horror flash fiction just before a film block. Just another way to add some variety to the proceedings!

Panel: "¡Viva Mexploitation!" with Aaron Soto!

Aaron SotoMexican filmmaker Aaron Soto will return to Horrible Imaginings Film Festival again this year, this time to answer a major question after last year's "Latino Horror" panel: where in the world do we find these awesome Mexican genre films? That's right, Aaron will give a presentation on specific films with images and descriptions--all about the wild and incendiary world of underground Mexican cinema--or "Mexploitation," as he calls it. Do not miss this--and bring a notepad!

posterAaron Soto is the award winning filmmaker from Tijuana, director of Mexico’s first Cyberpunk piece, the short film Omega Shell (2000), and one of the directors behind the horror anthology hit México Bárbaro. He is the coordinator of Rue Morgue magazine mexican section: Rue Morgue México, and is ready to storm the planet with his new feature film Ratas del Bordo, a “Punks vs Witches film in the San Diego/Tijuana border in 1989!”

Soto has won many awards around the world, including The Morelia International Film Festival and selections at Fantasia in Canada and Cannes la Marche du Film section, and it has been called by Guillermo del Toro: “one of the baddest filmmakers from Mexico” and by Todd Brown from ScreenAnarchy: “Mexico’s first cult filmmaker”.




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Special Sneak Peek! Episode 1 of Japanese Legends: "Slit"

Japanese Legends POSTERSlit
Part of the "Supernatural Horrors" Shorts Block, starting 2:40 pm on Sunday, September 11!
Japan | 2016 | 7 minutes | Pablo Absento

A story of a mystery woman with a surgical mask on her face.

Director’s statement:
“Japanese Legends. Slit” is the first episode of “Japanese Legends” series. This one focuses on a famous urban legend which is believed to be based on true events. A strange woman who is wearing a surgical mask and walking around the empty streets was terrifying locals in 70s-80s of the last century. Rumors of alleged sightings began spreading around the Nagasaki prefecture, then spread throughout Japan and caused panic in many towns.

The character seems a pure monster to us, however her story is very ambiguous. Indeed, she is the victim of circumstances who didn't receive any help in time, whose problems of domestic violence were ignored by a society that doesn't care much about people. As a result of this indifference, we have this “monster” - a symbol of a price we inevitably pay for our apathetic attitude toward the others.

Cast: Pablo Absento, Steven LeFever
Cinematographer: Ivan Kovac
Music: Eric Elick
Format: DCP


[hi_image id='style-1' size='300x400' alignment='center' link='' title='Director: Pablo Absento' text='Pablo Absento was born in Weybridge, UK. Pablo moved to Tokyo, Japan, where she made her first short film Call My Name, and second short film SHI.' share='image' display='inline' new_window='0']Pablo Absento[/hi_image]



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Short Film: Zombie Playground: Ice Scream

play poster
Zombie Playground: Ice Scream
Part of the Horror Comedy Block starting at 8:00 pm on Thursday, September 8!
UK | 2016 | 8 minutes | Jason Wright

Zombie Playground: Ice Scream is about two ladies that get lost in a woods and stumble upon a very odd group of children that have survived there for a long time. In the film you will find out why the children survive and what fate awaits the ladies.

Fun Fact: Zombie Playground is for sure different from the usual zombie short films as it has over 30 zombie children in the cast so this alone set some challenges for Director Jason Wright. The film is due out in January 2016 and being entered to horror festivals all around the world. Although this is a short film the production company Silent Studios has plans to expand this in the future.
Cast: Jon Campling, Megan Lockhurst, Rosie Pearson, David Sellicks
Official Website
Format: DCP


[hi_image id='style-1' size='400x266' alignment='center' link='' title='Director: Jason Wright' text='Jason Wright directed the film and was born in the UK. He is best known for horror films that include Infected (2015), Sweet6teen (2012) Demon Mist (2010). Jason is also currently working on a few feature films to be released in 2016 and 2017 which include Torture and Zombikini.' share='image' display='inline' new_window='0']Jason Wright[/hi_image]

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Short Film: Earworm

earworm poster
Playing Friday, September 9 after the Anthropophagia Panel, along with Survivor Type!
USA | 2016 | 5 minutes | Tara Price

A lonely man does battle with a relentless piece of music.

Cast: Ernest L. Thomas (What's Happening, Everybody Loves Chris, Malcolm X)
Cinematographer: Vincent Valentin
Producer: Billy Hanson
Music: Brian J. Emond
Language: English
Format: DCP


[hi_image id='style-1' size='370x370' alignment='center' link='' title='Director: Tara Price' text='Tara Price is a filmmaker and actress known for Earworm (2016) and The Routine (2014). Originally from New England, Tara has been lauded as classic and timeless by film and theatre critics. ' share='image' display='inline' new_window='0']Tara Price[/hi_image]