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Feature Film: Deseo Deseo (I Wish I Wish)

1:20 pm – 3:150 pm on Saturday, September 1st, 2018

Deseo Deseo (I Wish I Wish)

Deseo Deseo (I Wish I Wish) (Mexico, 2017)
California Premiere
Running time: 82 minutes
Director/writer: Eduardo M. Clorio
Cast: Israel Amescua, Iván Mondragón, Norma Mora, Fitzgerald Navarro Márquez, Karla Rodríguez
Five cousins discover an old board game in her recently dead grandma’s house: “I wish, I wish”. Participants must ask for three wishes; for every wish, the game demands a payment. If you pay, your wish is granted with terrible consequences; if not, you’ll be punished. How to win?

Playing with these short films:

Cut Off

Cut Off (Australia, 2018)
Running time: 1 minute
Director: Ryan Cauchi
Writer: Helena Dodd
Cast: Jessica Bell
A true millennial horror story.


Nepenthes (Canada, 2018)
Running time: 6 minutes
Director/writer: Ariel Hansen
Cast: Ariel Slack
Max is desperate to make a meaningful connection, but when she decides to meet an online dating match at home she gets herself into a painfully sticky situation.

We Summoned A Demon

We Summoned a Demon (USA, 2018)
Running time: 6 minutes
Director/writer: Chris McInroy
Cast: Kirk Johnson, Carlos LaRotta, John Orr
They just wanted to be cool. Instead, they got a demon.