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Feature Film: Bong of the Living Dead

3:35 to 5:25 on Saturday, September 1st, 2018

Bong of the Living Dead

Bong of the Living Dead (USA, 2017)
California Premiere
Running time: 82 minutes
Director: Max Groah
Writers: Max Groah, Tim Mayo
Cast: Tiffany Arnold, Eric Boso, Daniel Alan Kiely, Laura Mock, Dan Nye, Caitlin Taylor
The end is High! Night, Dawn, Day, Land, Shaun, Juan… and now Bong of the Living Dead! You just can’t keep the zombie film down or at least not for long.

Playing with these short films:

Short but Sweet

Short but Sweet (Netherlands, 2018)
Running time: 3 minutes
Director/writer: Junaid Chundrigar
Cast: Thijs van Domburg, Dennis Impink, Liz el Saadany, Junaid Chundrigar
A young hero has to embark on an epic quest to save a princess from an evil villain, all within an absurd short amount of time.


Deuspi (France, 2017)
Running time: 2 minutes
Director/writer: MEGACOMPUTEUR
Two dumb robbers try to rob a grocery store, but nothing will happen as planned…

Peek A Boo

Peek A Boo (USA, 2018)
Running time: 3 minutes
Director: Anthony Cousins
Writer: Richard Louprasong
Cast: Kelly Rivard, Margaux Danford
Annie is babysitting a little girl who has an imaginary friend that you can only see if you play a game.