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Horrible Imaginings Art Gallery Opening Reception will be October 24th!

Art that Explores Our Dark Sides!

10th Avenue Theatre 3rd Floor - 930 10th Ave, San Diego

Horrible Imaginings will be opening the Art Gallery doors next Wednesday, October 24th at 7pm!

Once again, the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival will open the doors to a gallery of dark or macabre artwork from a variety of artists working in a variety of mediums! Be one of the first to see the gallery when we open the doors for our Opening Reception on the 24th of October at the 10th Avenue Theatre in San Diego! Here is some of what the gallery will include:

The complete list of dark artists!

Tonjia Atomic
Carol Borden
Nancy Bradford
Nigel Brookes
Jon Crye
Trevor Denham
Jon Grunes
Rebecca Hicks
Dena Maxwell
Bonni Reid
Kate Ricklin
Robert M. Plumb
Todd Sharp
Pia Thrasher
Charlie Zacherl

Conceptual art from the local San Diego steampunk film project The Crypto-Historians!

Macabre Work From Laura Berlin's Art Students at Clairemont High School!

Alexis Garcia
Kimberly Cotrell
Cole Berlin
Jordyn Rine
Diego Leon
Chandler Johnson
Justine Cruz
Cheyenne Meakim
Lillie Meakim
Katie Troiano


A number of shorts and one feature will be a prominent part of the film festival. These will run on a loop in the Gallery side room.
Short Films:
This Little Light by Jeff Cohlman
The Transmission by Brian Lonano
Killing Candi by Julie Ufema
Sacha the Bear by Francois Morisset
Thy Kill be Done by Greg Hanson and Casey Regan
The Can-Cannibals by Matthew Ragsdale
Feature Film:
Video Diary of a Lost Girl by Lindsay Denniberg

VIDEO DIARY OF A LOST GIRL Trailer from Lindsay Denniberg on Vimeo.


Live Monster Music from Allison Lonsdale and Eben Brooks!

Allison Lonsdale

I've been doing this since I was twelve, and doing it competently since I was sixteen. I performed with San Diego Celtic folk band The Wild Oats (not to be confused with the Wild Oats band from the UK) during the 1990s and started performing solo in 1999. I play my original songs about sex, science and God, full of metaphors from math, physics, biology, the supernatural, comic books, Tibetan Buddhism, and role-playing games, at coffeehouses and science fiction conventions. I write a lot of songs about monsters -- vampires, serial killers, and demon-eating exorcists among them.

Eben Brooks

I am “The Working Class Superhero of San Diego”: geeky musician par excellence, gamer, comic book reader, science fiction lover, and the man responsible for the squamous, rugose filk song “Hey There Cthulhu”. I perform original and filk songs on a variety of geeky topics, such as superheroes, cyberpunk, magic, minstrelry, literature, gaming, comic books, eldritch horror, science fiction television shows, and the dangers of teleportation. I also perform more “normal” songs about human existence, love, death, and workplace accidents, among other topics.

Brooks & Lonsdale have released a Lovecraftian EP called "O R’lyeh? Iä, R’lyeh!" that includes Brooks' viral YouTube parody "Hey There Cthulhu".

There will also be a live horror story reading, food, drinks, and MORE! BE THERE!