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March 3, 20179 months ago

Horrible Imaginings Podcast #170 Bonus Content: It's Morphin' Time!

I was asked if I wanted to interview some of the actors who are playing the new Lions Gate Power Rangers and I just couldn't resist. Read more
November 28, 20161 year ago

Horrible Imaginings Podcast #163: Dracula Vs. Hitler! A Conversation with Author Patrick Sheane Duncan!

Patrick S. Duncan joins the show to talk about his new novel Dracula Vs. Hitler, the characters, his writing process, and even how his personal experiences from Vietnam helped inform his work on this novel! Read more
June 13, 20161 year ago

#157: Documenting Lives--A Conversation with Elstree 1976 Director Jon Spira

Elstree 1976 Director Jon Spira joins me for a frank discussion about his Star Wars (sorta) documentary, his fascination with human lives, cinema, and more! Read more