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Horrible Imaginings Podcast

January 30, 20178 months ago

Horrible Imaginings Podcast #167: Talking Video Shop Life with Videosyncratic Author Jon Spira

Jon Spira, director of Elstree 1976, joins me to talk about Videosyncratic--his memoir about a life in video shops! If you like VHS, grew up with home video, and are generally a film fanatic, then this episode is for you! Read more
November 27, 20142 years ago

Horrible Imaginings Podcast Episode #125: Sinbad The Fifth Voyage with Director Shahin Sean Solimon

The newly rebranded Horrible Imaginings Podcast takes on the legendary character of Sinbad and discusses a new indie Sinbad movie with the director! Watch out for Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage on VOD starting December 2nd! Read more