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Horrible Imaginings Podcast (formerly Monster Island Resort)

“Hell I love Monster Island Resort! Miguel is no-bullshit and he keeps it's like sitting around with a slightly twisted friend...the best!”

Bill Oberst, Jr.Actor

Horrible Imaginings Director Miguel Rodriguez is also the host of the acclaimed podcast known as Monster Island Resort. Since its inception on Independence Day of 2010, Monster Island Resort has steadily been growing in listenership and influence over the horror world of the internet. Originally intended to be a venue for Rodriguez to consider his love for horror and related genres, Monster Island Resort has also become a place for creators of film, art, and literature can have conversations about their own love for the genre that drives their work.

“Monster Island Resort, the world’s most dignified horror podcast.”

Tone MilazzoAuthor

Rather than review films or literature, Monster Island Resort is a place where the themes or characteristics of horror and fear can be thought about and discussed. It’s not a place for ratings, but hopefully for something more in depth into the world of dread, monsters, kaiju, slashers, and science gone wrong. Interviews are more conversational and brief. Most episodes are limited to 30 minutes.

“I enjoy [Monster Island Resort] quite a bit! It takes balls to do it mainly on your own. Most people don’t. Also, Miguel has a great radio voice!”

B-SolVault of Horror Blog

In addition to the regular show, there is also Monster Island Resort Storytime, in which Rodriguez reads gothic and horror short stories aloud, audiobook style. The gothic literature podcast has grown in popularity very quickly, and inspired artwork partnerships. It is a mission of Monster Island Resort to be as inclusive as possible. A person does not have to be an expert in horror to listen to episodes; in fact, Rodriguez would love for non-horrorphile listeners to see what it is about the genre that makes it so important to so many people.

“There are other horror-based podcasts but [Monster Island Resort] is always thoughtful, entertaining,'s clear he really cares.”

Karen LamDirector