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Friday, October 10th: ALL ZOMBIES ATTACK!

4:00pm FESTIVAL KICKOFF FEATURE FILM Another World (dir. Eitan Reuven , Israel)

5:40 Break and Bradley Voytek Introductions and Book Signing

Short Film Block                 

6:15pm Tales of a 5th Grade Zombie Slayer (dir. Carl Smith and Jeffrey McLaurin, LOCAL SPOTLIGHT)
6:27pm Damsels (dir. Nicholas Puleo, LOCAL SPOTLIGHT)
6:34pm Se O Dia Chegar (Should the Day Ever Come) [dir. Pedro Santasmarinas, Portugal]
6:44pm Waterborne (dir. Ryan Coonan, Australia)
6:54pm The Working Dead (dir. Fernando González, Spain)
7:02pm Naked Zombie Girl (dir. Rickey Bird Jr., USA)
7:20pm Q&A with Tales of a 5th Grade Zombie Slayer directors Carl Smith and Jeffrey McLaurin and Naked Zombie Girl director Rickey Bird Jr.

7:30pm Break and Book Signing

Horrible Imaginings Special Event!

7:40pm Bradley Voytek , Professor of neuro/cognitive science at UCSD will give an academic presentation on zombies! NOT. TO. MISS!!!!

8:10 Break and Book Signing

8:25pm Classic Zombie film SECRET SCREENING!

10:20pm Feature Film: Dead Snow 2: Red Vs. Dead (dir. Tommy Wirkola, Norway)


Short Film Block

12:30pm Martyn (dir. Francesco Picone, Italy)
12:34pm Santa (dir. Dionysis & Manos Atzarakis, Greece)
12:36pm The Puzzle (dir. Davide Melini, Italy & Spain)
12:41pm A Veces Viene (dir. Félix Llorente, Spain)
12:53pm Black Spot in 3D! (dir. Luther Bhogal-Jones)
12:59 If I Am Your Mirror (dir. Garrett DeHart, USA)
1:06pm The Wyatt (dir. Mark Bessenger, USA)
1:30 Q&A with THE WYATT director Mark Bessenger and star Stephen Twardokus, followed by a short break

Short Film Block

Robert Sexton Music Video, USA
1:50pm I Am Monster (dir. Lori Bowen and Shannon Lark, USA)
2:05pm Somebody to Love (dir. Phil Haine, UK)
2:16pm Rose (dir. Marie Coulangeon, France)
2:28pm La Carne Cruda (dir. Samuel Lema, Spain)
2:47pm Silk (dir. Rob Himebaugh, USA)
3:02pm Insane (dir. Adam O’Brien, Canada)
3:22 Q&A with SILK director Rob Himebaugh and INSANE director Adam O’Brien, followed by a short break

Horrible Imaginings Special Event!

3:45pm Scott Paulson’s Teeny-Tiny Pit Orchestra will present little-seen silent horrors!
YOU, the audience provide the score and sound effects for GENUINE: A TALE OF A VAMPIRE, directed by Robert Weine, legendary director of THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI! DO. NOT. MISS!!

4:50pm BREAK

Youth Director Spotlight:

 5:00pm The Odd Ones (dir. 15-year-old(!) John Capizzano IV, USA)
5:30pm Skype Q&A with director John Capizzano IV

5:45pm Dinner provided by Pizzeria Luigi

Short Film Block

Robert Sexton Music Video, USA
6:40pm Lady and the Tooth (dir. Shaun Clark , UK)
6:48pm The Headless Nun (dir. Nuno Sá Pessoa, Portugal)
6:54pm Sinnside (dir. Miguel Ángel Font Bisier, Spain)
7:07pm The Stomach [dir. Ben Steiner, UK]
7:22pm Kira (dir. Shaun Menzie, USA)
7:37pm Q&A with KIRA director Shaun Menzie and stars Carla Belnap and Chris Bailey!

7:50 Break

8:00pm Bad Company (dir. Tim Neumann, USA)
8:29pm Black Lullaby (dir. Joshua Hoffine, USA)
8:33pm Dead Hearts (dir. Stephen W. Martin, Canada)
8:50pm Q&A with BAD COMPANY director Tim Neumann and stars JP Maddock and John Odom, as well as DEAD HEARTS director Stephen W. Martin over Skype!

9:05 Break

9:15pm Macabre Dance Performance by Anna Yanushkevich

Robert Sexton Music Video, USA
9:25pm Feature Film: Call Girl of Cthulhu (dir. Chris LaMartina, USA)

11:05pm Q&A with Call Girl of Cthulhu director Chris LaMartina and actress Melissa O’Brien


12:00pm Dead Snow 2: Red Vs. Dead Encore Screening (dir. Tommy Wirkola, Norway)

Sci-Fi Short Film Block

1:50pm Forty One (dir. Marc Boily and Rick Harkness, Canada)
1:56pm Drastic Measures (dir. Christine Carstairs, USA)
2:04pm Ghost Light (dir. PJ Germain, USA)
2:25pm Ruleta (Roulette) [dir. Dídac Cervera Casademont, Spain)
2:43pm Mienin (dir. David Cordero Garcia, Spain)
2:57pm: Stasis (dir. Jason Hite, SAN DIEGO LOCAL SPOTLIGHT)
3:06pm: Q&A with Stasis Local Director Jason Hite

3:20 Break

Horrible Imaginings Special Event!

Robert Sexton Music Video, USA
3:30pm Feature: Hi-8 (Horror Independent 8), an 80s VHS Splatter-Inspired Anthology with cast and crew!
(dir. Tony Masiello, Ron Bonk, Donald Farmer, Marcus Koch, Tim Ritter, Chris Seaver, Todd Sheets, Brad Sykes,
5:10pm Hi-8 (Horror Independent) Cast and Crew Q&A

5:25pm Dinner provided by Pizzeria Luigi

Short Film Block

6:15pm Case of Evil (dir. Neal and Jana Hallford, LOCAL SPOTLIGHT)
6:25pm Haven (dir. Ryan Casselman, LOCAL SPOTLIGHT)
6:33pm Cousas de Meigas (dir. Ivan Fernandez, Spain)
6:41 The Tour (dir. Alex Mathieson & Damon Rickard, England)
6:56pm Alexia (dir. Andrés Borghi, Argentina)
7:05pm Las Cosas Raras (dir. Máximo Carrá, Argentina)
7:13 Q&A with Case of Evil cast & crew and The Tour score composer Eric Elick

7:25 Break

7:35pm Macabre Dance Performance by Anna Yanushkevich

Robert Sexton Music Video, USA
7:45: Feature Film: Soulmate (dir. Axelle Carolyn, UK)

Horrible Imaginings Final Event!


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