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#73: Happy Birthday, Hershall Gordon Lewis!

Hello everyone! Happy (God)Father’s Day! June 15th was the birthday of the Godfather of Gore himself–Hershall Gordon Lewis! I have always enjoyed myself a good HG Lewis picture, as have many horror fans. He is credited with creating the gore or splatter film–films that, at...

#72: Hail to the King Ghidorah, Baby!

Hello everyone! Continuing my new mission to discuss one monster every month, I invite Professor Ramie Tateishi to discuss King Ghidorah–probably one of the most popular of the Japanese dai kaiju, or giant monsters.   Sensei Tateishi teaches classes on Japanese film, including a college...

#71: A Tribute to Shindo Kaneto, Auteur

Greetings Monsters, With this episode, Carol Borden from The Cultural Gutter returns to the resort to help me pay tribute to the incredible Japanese director and writer Shindo Kaneto by discussing his considerable legacy and impact. Kaneto not only helped shape the filmscape, but he...

#70: Chat with ASSASSINS director Mike Bonomo

Hello everybody, A few weeks ago, I saw a 9-minute short that I found very interesting. It starred Bill Oberst, Jr. and took a bit of a risk with it’s talky brand of storytelling. It paid off, though, because it’s a pretty intriguing short. The...

#68: HAIRY BEASTS Month for MOSS (with OVID)

GOOD GOD IT’S THE MYSTERIOUS ORDER OF THE SKELETON SUIT (MOSS)! Fellow Mysterious Order Agent Carol Borden from The Cultural Gutter joins me to discuss our favorite hairy beast in honor of Hairy Beasts month! What is that hairy beast you may wonder? Listen inside to...