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2014 Horrible Imaginings Films: Naked Zombie Girl

2014, USA, 29 mins   In "Naked Zombie Girl," two prostitutes and their friend, Tony, have just escaped a zombie attack in a 1971 Cadillac Fleetwood Broughman. Unfortunately, Tony has been bitten and is about to turn into a zombie. That's all you really need to know...

2014 Horrible Imaginings Feature Film: Soulmate

2013, United Kingdom, 104 mins Widowed Audrey retreats to an isolated Welsh cabin after a failed suicide attempt, to recuperate. Still haunted by the tragic death of her husband and struggling with her psychosis, she begins to hear strange noises. Soulmate, Axelle’s first feature, was filmed in...

2014 Horrible Imaginings Films: The Working Dead

2014, Spain, 8 mins   When everything is lost, a raise is your only hope! The undead and the recession come to a head in this hilarious zomedy from Spain!  The Working Dead Teaser from FerGonzalezCut on Vimeo. Cast Fermi Fernandez: Presidente - President Niko Verona: Matesanz  Fernando Tielve: Becarlo - Intern    DIRECTOR FERNANDO GONZÁLEZ...

2014 Horrible Imaginings Films: SINNSIDE

2014, Spain, 13 mins   A macabre fairy tale in which main characters are seven kids whose souls will be the main dish for a group of adults sitting at a bizarre restaurant. [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s36pYI9Dguo[/youtube] Cast JOSÉ SOLER: Cocinero - Cook RAMÓN OROZCO: Camarero - Waiter CRISTINA MARTÍNEZ: Camarera - Waitress BELÉN RIQUELME: Adulto 1 - Adult 1 ÁNGEL...

#123: Jane Clark Talks CRAZY BITCHES

No, Jane Clark won’t be talking smack about some ladies she knows, but rather about her new horror comedy CRAZY BITCHES, a tongue-in-cheek slasher film about a killer who targets objects of vanity. Writer-Director Jane Clark hops over to Monster Island Resort to talk about...