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2015 Horrible Imaginings Short Film: The Whisperers!

Country of Origin: USA On a quiet night in October 1995, two young brothers, home alone and grounded for fighting, must uncover the source of strange, unintelligible whispers slowly surrounding their family's isolated country home. "The Whisperers" will be featured during the "Child's Nightmares" Short Film Block,...

2015 Horrible Imaginings Short Film: Letting!

Country of Origin: USA In the middle of the night a little girl awakens to discover the doll she fell asleep with has disappeared, but what she finds next is terrifying. "Letting" will be featured during the "Child's Nightmares" Short Film Block, starting at 5:00pm on Friday,...

2015 Horrible Imaginings Student Feature! Thanatos!

Country of Origin: Taiwan Half year ago, after a near-death experience, young photographer Yao-Ting accidentally took a photo of Elenie, the female Death. She looked like his lover who died ten years ago. After being told that he has only one year to live, Yao-Ting tries...