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ArtPower! Film and Horrible Imaginings Present: Two Nights of Horror at UCSD!

Coming October 1st and 2nd to Price Center Theater on UCSD Campus!

A closer look at horror!


In a scholarly essay entitled Supernatural Horror in Literature, early 20th century horror author HP Lovecraft opens by stating “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear. . .” It is an interesting claim that he says “few psychologists will dispute,” and his adhering to that philosophy has helped make him one of the most influential contemporary authors of what was once termed “weird fiction,” inspiring people from Joyce Carol Oates to Stephen King to Neil Gaiman. A survey of art, literature, and, more contemporarily, film would suggest that Lovecraft was onto something when claiming fear is the strongest and more enduring emotion of the human condition.

Horror, often demonized as base, exploitative, or pernicious, is fertile ground for the exploration of fear. Many people’s discomfort with the genre can be seen as a sign of its potency as a mirror to our dark sides. It is also notable that it is appealing and lucrative ground for attracting a large audience. In the world of film, horror was one of the first genres to be adapted to that new and mystifying medium. Thomas Edison himself is responsible for a version of Frankenstein as far back as 1910. Since that time, it has ever been a staple in filmmaking.

This October, Horrible Imaginings Film Festival is joining forces with UCSD’s ArtPower! Film to bring an exploration of horror in art and cinema to UCSD campus. How does the presentation of fear evolve, and how does it reflect the particular fears of society at a particular point in time? These ideas will be explored over two different evenings!

Note: This event is IN ADDITION to the main Horrible Imaginings Film Festival, which will take place on November 10th and 11th! So much scariness, so little time! 

October 1st Program (starting 8pm): 

The Haunted House (1908) by Segundo de Chomon

Un Chien Andalou (1929) by Luis Bunuel

Skeleton Frolic (1937) by UB Iwerks

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) by Don Siegel

October 2nd Program (starting 8pm): 

Katasumi (1998) by Takashi Shimizu

Treevenge (2008) by Jason Eisener

Martin (1976) by George A. Romero


Movie Fans Unite for Star Paws Dog Rescue! Fun Photos!

 Hello everybody!

I am pretty thrilled to report that Saturday evening's fundraiser for Star Paws Dog Rescue was a pretty great success! The celebrities, Dark Delicacies, and event organizer Tara Cardinal helped to raise a good chunk of change that will go directly to providing homes, care, and medicine for scores of doggies! I couldn't be more proud that Horrible Imaginings Film Festival could be part of such a great event!

I will get to some fun pictures in just a minute, but first I wanted to point you all to an additional fund-raising campaign for Star Paws Dog Rescue. Yes, the event was successful, and the goal in this campaign has been met, but the truth remains that the efforts of Victoria Burrows and her crew will always be able to use any help they can get from generous people like you. The link for that is here:

Now for the fun! Unless otherwise noted, all these photos were taken by photographer Albert Ortega, who did a fantastic job. Check out his work here!

Here are the real stars of the evening. Victoria Burrows and her group of hardworking volunteers for Star Paws Dog Rescue! Their efforts are appreciated!

Here is a group shot of many of the celebrities taken later in the evening. I'm glad I was tall enough to be visible!

The ravishing 'Red Reaper' and event organizer Tara Cardinal with The Highlander himself, Adrian Paul!

Billy Boyd helps me to Vanna White the Horrible Imaginings logo! A proud moment indeed! Boyd, by the way, was a real champ!

Director Uwe Boll poses with "The Wolfpack"--my housemates Beth Accomando from Cinema Junkie and Phil Lorenzo from Bold Measures Productions! Photo by Sanns Dixon.

The wonderful women from Horrible Imaginings Festival Partners, the Viscera Film Festival, have a little fun with me and Clint Howard! Photo by Beth Accomando.

Director and Horrible Imaginings alumnus Paula Haifley of HeyFlea! Productions and I. Photo by Beth Accomando.

Actor Camden Toy shows how to pose in front of the banner for a horror film festival! He rules!

Billy Boyd signs his alter ego for charity!

I didn't recognize Spencer Locke at first with the dark hair, but she sure looked fantastic!

I really want to congratulate Tara Cardinal, Star Paws Dog Rescue, and Dark Delicacies for a job very well done! Don't forget to donate to the dogs, and stay tuned for more great events!


Miguel Rodriguez and the rest of Horrible Imaginings Film Festival!