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Short Film: Earworm

Earworm Playing Friday, September 9 after the Anthropophagia Panel, along with Survivor Type! USA | 2016 | 5 minutes | Tara Price A lonely man does battle with a relentless piece of music. Cast: Ernest L. Thomas (What's Happening, Everybody Loves Chris, Malcolm X) Cinematographer: Vincent Valentin Producer: Billy Hanson Music:...

Music Video: Penance

Penance Music Video Part of the "Human Killer & Psychological Terrors" Shorts Block, starting 12 Noon on Sunday, September 11! Local Spotlight | Music Video | 2016 | 7 minutes | Dante Moran A young man finds bliss within the arms of the mysterious and seductive Lusa until...

Short Film: The Phantom Hour

The Phantom Hour Part of the Horror Comedy Shorts Block! Starting Thursday, September 8 at 8:00 pm! Local Spotlight | 2016 | 8 minutes | Brian Butler The Phantom Hour is a 2016 short horror comedy from director Brian Butler and Rosewood Five. Cast: Luke Pensabene, Raye Richards, Connor...

Short Film: Hada

Hada Playing with the feature Sendero (Path)! 9:40pm, Friday, September 9! Spain | 2016 | 9 minutes | Tony Morales Tonight Hada comes to visit Daniel because her last child tooth as fallen out. What Daniel doesn´t expect is that his worst enemy is the light. Cast: Eva...

Short Film: A Matter of Trust

A Matter of Trust USA | 2016 | 8 minutes | John Veron Eric comes home to his girlfriend to a grisly scene: the house is a wreck, she's covered in scrapes and bruises, and whatever attacked her is locked in the bathroom. But the thing in...

Short Film: Genghis Khan Conquers the Moon

Ghengis Khan Conquers the Moon Part of the "Science Fiction and Creature Features" Shorts Block, starting 12 Noon on Saturday, September 10! USA | 2015 | 17 minutes | Kerry Yang In Genghis Khan's last days, an encounter with a Wizard sends him to the Moon. Just as...