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2015 Horrible Imaginings Short Film: The Peripheral!

Country of Origin: USA When a patient, Kenny, shows up at her home unexpectedly, Dr. Joanna Redding attempts to help him overcome his "irrational" phobia of the creatures that he sees in his peripheral vision. Dr. Redding uses Exposure Therapy, forcing Kenny to face his fear....

2015 Horrible Imaginings Short Film: Rats!

Country of Origin: United Kingdom In this comedy horror short film, a young woman finds her home plagued by mutant Rats from Outer Space. Rats! is in the vein of the creature features of the late 80s and early 90s such as Gremlins and Critters. The goal...

2015 Horrible Imaginings Short Film: Wurms!

Country of Origin: USA When two half-wit rednecks set out to shoot a buck or two, they discover something they ain't never seen before lurking in the woods. Classic redneck-sploitation with practical effects monster WURMS! "Wurms" will be featured during the "Creature Feature" Short Film Block, starting at...

2015 Horrible Imaginings Short Film: Invaders!

Country of Origin: USA A pair of home invaders consider their potential character choices just prior to their planned invasion. This short really nails (no pun intended) the art of shock laughs. Don't know what shock laughs are? Well, you'd better come see it! "Invaders" will be featured...