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Short Film: Z

Z Playing with the feature Idyll! 4:45pm, Sunday, September 11! South Korea | 2015 | 21 minutes | Hana Hwang & Doha Ahn After a horrific traffic accident, Hamin awakes in a mysterious underground hospital plagued with zombies. Crippled with amnesia, he struggles to remember his family and...

Short Film: Mute

Mute Playing with the feature Sendero (Path)! 9:40pm, Friday, September 9! USA | 2016 | 5 minutes | A Color Green Danish star Albert Bendix leads A Color Green's directorial debut as Mute Man, a tongue-chopping madman violently plotting against three kids who stumble into his neck of...

Feature Film: …In the Dark

...In the Dark 7:45pm, Friday, September 9! USA | 2015 | 81 minutes | David Spaltro Skeptical grad student, Veronica Carpenter (Lynn Justinger), interviews renowned paranormal specialist, Dr. Lois Kearne (Fiona Horrigan), for her thesis on the benefits of her supernatural research in regards to modern psychology, and...

Feature Film: PATH

Sendero 9:40pm, Friday, September 9! Chile | 2015 | 86 minutes | Lucio A. Rojas Ana is a young woman who has just been given a scholarship to study in a foreign country. She decides to celebrate with their friends out of the city. On the road, after...

Short Film: Death Metal

Death Metal Playing with the feature BEYOND THE GATES! 7:00 pm, Saturday, September 10! USA | 2016 | 5 minutes | Chris McInroy A metalhead gets passed down a satanic guitar that riffs to shreds. Cast: Kirk Johnson, Michael Dalmon, Will Elliott Official Website Format: DCP   [hi_image id='style-1' size='400x275' alignment='center' link='http://www.hifilmfest.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/death-metal-dir.jpg'...

Feature Film: Beyond the Gates

Beyond the Gates 7:00pm, Saturday, September 10! USA | 2016 | 84 minutes | Jackson Stewart Two estranged brothers reunite at their missing father's video store to liquidate the property and sell off his assets. As they dig through the store, they find a VCR board game dubbed...