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Horrible Imaginings Art Gallery

Why Include an Art Gallery?

We at Horrible Imaginings make it our mission to showcase the latest in macabre film and art. In order to make that mission a reality, an art gallery has been a regular part of the main film festival program since our doors first creaked open. San Diego, like many cities, has an arts community that is both supportive and vital, however, the attention given to art of a darker, more provocative natures has left a lot to be desired. 

The human condition includes a dark side that craves exploration. Indeed, I think this exploration is critical and regrettably under appreciated. Historically, more macabre art has been dismissed as an indulgence for degraded tastes. Whether or not this is true, one must ask oneself why the macabre holds such fascination for us.

The artists who display their work at Horrible Imaginings Art Gallery create dark art for reasons both personal and therapeutic. They create what is generally deemed disreputable because they are drawn to it–and that makes it more honest and meaningful than any number of landscapes or still lifes. 

2012 Art Gallery Submissions

This year’s gallery will run from Wednesday, October 24th through Sunday, November 11th. If your work is accepted, load-in will occur throughout the week starting on Monday, October 22nd. Gallery hours will coincide with both Evil Dead: the Musical and Spider Baby: the Musical, which are joining Horrible Imaginings Film Festival as part of the 10th Avenue Theatre‘s Terror on the Tenth.

If you would like to submit your work for review, email Miguel at [email protected] with: 

  • A digital portfolio of your work. These should be hi-res images that accurately capture the art and its message.
  • Submission Deadline: Art should postmarked by October 17th, 2012
  • We accept all media–painting, sculpture, audio, video, and more.
  • One room is available for a more complex installation. In the past, we have had a blacklight room and a ghost room with video and audio. If you are interested, include that information in your email.
  • Please include the artist name and bio in your email.
  • Please include your mailing address in your email.
  • We do consider work from out of town or even out of country. Consider shipping costs when setting prices for your work.
  • This is the final year that artists will retain 100% of all artwork sold. That’s right, I am not asking for any gallery percentage. Please let any artists you know about this opportunity!