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Who Will You Get to Meet at Horrible Imaginings?

Barbara Magnolfi

Beautiful Magnolfi, Jessica Harper‘s venomous college roommate Olga in Suspiria (1977) and the troubled main character in the lurid giallo The Sister of Ursula will be meeting fans and signing autographs on ALL THREE DAYS OF THE FESTIVAL! 

Kevin Tenney


Kevin Tenney will be with us to discuss the 30th Anniversary of his classic NIGHT OF THE DEMONS! Join us as we present him with the first ever Banquo’s Ghost Award!

Gigi Saul Guerrero

Gigi Saul Guerrero is the founder of LuchaGore Productions, and director of our opening night feature film La Quinceañera! She will be with us throughout the weekend, but DO NOT miss the epic feature film version of La Quinceañera 8:00 PM on Friday, August 31st! With cast and crew Q&A!

Jenn Wexler

Jenn Wexler is an acclaimed producer who will be joining us to present her feature film directorial debut: the punk rock slasher THE RANGER! Saturday, September 1st at 7:45 PM! 

Heather Buckley

Heather Buckley brings the punk DIY ethic to her long years as a horror journalist, as well as her work as a producer of special features content for various releases and now the producer of THE RANGER! 

Laura E. Mock

Laura Mock plays Tara Callahan in the darkly hilarious and surprisingly touching BONG OF THE LIVING DEAD. She will be joining us to discuss the film on Saturday, September 1st! 

Benjamin Brown

Benjamin Brown plays Brett Jones in BONG OF THE LIVING DEAD. He will join us on Saturday, September 1st to discuss the movie. 

Alex Noyer

Alex Noyer will be on-hand to present the WORLD PREMIERE of his deliciously shocking new short film CONDUCTOR! Sunday, September 2nd!

Hannu Aukia

Hannu Aukia is the producer of CONDUCTOR. He will join Sunday, September 2nd!

Nathalia Bas-Tzion

Nathalia Bas-Tzion will join us for the WORLD PREMIERE of her artfully dark and dreamlike new film “A Death Story Called Girl.” 

Stellan Kendrick

Stellan Kendrick directed Courtney Gains in a vicious short called “Goodnight, Gracie!” Do not miss it on Sunday, September 2nd!

Alex Greenberg

Alex Greenberg’s “The Green Giant of Zanzuki” is a gonzo puppet monster masterpiece that you won’t want to miss! It fittingly screens with the insane feature VAMPIRE CLAY on Sunday, September 2nd!

Zeshaan Younus

Zeshaan Younus’s debut dark sci-fi short film “Grey Canyon” will join a block of films on Friday, August 31st! We are happy to say that Zeshaan has joined the Horrible Imaginings crew this year!

Nicolas Thurkettle

What dark sci-fi would be complete without the authority figure in the middle of the madness? Nicolas Thurkettle is the actor giving us that figure in the film “Grey Canyon” on Friday, August 31st!

JT Seaton

JT Seaton is the founder of Cat Scare Films and producer of “He Drinks,” an LGBT horror comedy starring Tiffany Shepis! Part of the short film block on Saturday, September 1st. 

Kevin Sluder

Kevin Sluder is the co-founder of Sunshine Boy Productions and director of the bloody Heartless, playing during the short film block on Sunday, September 2nd. 

Jennifer Dorrity Sluder

Jennifer Dorrity Sluder is the co-founder of Sunshine Boy Productions and producer of the bloody “Heartless,” playing during the short film block on Sunday, September 2nd. 

Ben Saltzman

Ben Saltzman will join us to discuss his zombie romance film “Honeymoon,” which screens on Sunday, September 2nd!

Matthew Higgins

Matthew Higgins’s short film “Keep Quiet” knows all about the power of sound in the horror genre! Talk to him about it on Saturday, September 1st at Horrible Imaginings! 

Izzy Lee

Horror author, journalist, and prolific short filmmaker Izzy Lee returns to Horrible Imaginings with a slightly different tone than her fans might be used to! “My Monster” plays on Saturday, September 1st!

Brea Grant

Brea Grant (Dexter, Heroes) will be around to talk about her role in Izzy Lee’s “My Monster,” which plays Saturday, September 1st! In the meantime, check out her excellent “Reading Glasses” Podcast with Mallory O’Meara!

Phil Bucci

Phil Bucci will be around to discuss what is going on with his new heroine “Nadine,” which plays Friday, August 31st before La Quinceanera!

Melissa Ferrari

Melissa Ferrari’s animated “Phototaxis” blends cryptozoology with real life in a very new and interesting way. Find out how–and ask her about it–on Sunday, September 2nd before The Returning. 

Bears Fonte

Bears Fonte returns to Horrible Imaginings with a new look at pregnancy in “Prenatal,” part of the short film block on Sunday, September 2nd. 

Sara Fletcher

Sara Fletcher is in two different short films showing at Horrible Imaginings: Phil Bucci’s “Nadine” and Bears Fonte’s “Prenatal!” 

Sam Wineman

Sam Wineman’s “The Quiet Room” is a masterful tale of terror that includes not only LGBTQ themes, but questions about mental illness, as well. Don’t miss it, Sunday, September 2nd!

Jamal Douglas

Jamal Douglas will be with us to discuss his tour de force performance in “The Quiet Room” on Sunday, September 2nd. 

Dave Reda

It has been too long since we have had Dave Reda with us to chat about the perfect marriage between quirky romance and horror! His “Rotting Love” will show on Saturday, September 1st!

Brooke Lewis

Actor/philanthropist Brooke Lewis will finally join us at Horrible Imaginings to talk about what it’s like to be a heroine in Dave Reda’s “Rotting Love,” playing on Saturday, September 1st. 

Ashlea Wessel

Ashlea Wessel’s TiCK mixes sci-fi, gothic sensibilities, and sociopolitical reflections. Hear her talk about it on Friday, August 31st!

Aram Sarkisian

Aram Arkisian’s “-Winston” takes the animated for to another plane. Ask him about it on Sunday, September 2nd!

Jonathan Thomas Martin

Jonathan Martin is co-director of “Kiss the Devil in the Dark,” one of the most ambitious productions on display this year, and featuring the great Doug Jones in a deliciously demonic role! 

Sonya Marcari

Sonya Macari plays Vanessa in Rebecca and Jonathan Martin’s dark fantasy “Kiss the Devil in the Dark!” See her on Sunday, September 2nd!

Rebekah McKendry

Horror scholar and filmmaker Rebekah McKendry will discuss all things horror in a special live recording of Shock Waves Podcast!

David Ian McKendry

Writer/director David Ian McKendry will be part of the Shock Waves panel headed by Rebekah McKendry on Saturday, September 1st. 

Cara Mandel

Producer Cara Mandel will be part of the Shock Waves panel headed by Rebekah McKendry on Saturday, September 1st. 

Megan Duffy

Actor Megan Duffy (Maniac) will be part of the Shock Waves panel headed by Rebekah McKendry on Saturday, September 1st. 

Josh Forbes

Director Josh Forbes will be part of the Shock Waves panel headed by Rebekah McKendry on Saturday, September 1st. 

John Jennings

Academic and prolific comic book scribe John Jennings will give a much-needed talk about critical race studies and the horror genre, as part of “Scary Black Folks” group of black horror creators. Sunday, September 2nd!

Bertila Damas

Try not to be afraid to ask Bertila Damas questions after you witness her vicious portrayal of Angelica in La Quinceañera! Joining the Q&A on Friday, August 31st!

Mauricio Mendoza

Maruicio Mendoza is the poor patriarch in La Quinceañera who makes some poor decisions! Ask the actor about them on Friday, August 31st!

Gustavo Gomez

Gustavo Gomez plays the hapless brother in La Quinceañera! Joining the Q&A on Friday, August 31st!