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Horrible Imaginings 2017 Schedule

September 8-10, 2017 at the San Diego Museum of Photographic Arts | Tickets on Sale Now!

The 2017 Horrible Imaginings Film Festival!

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Film List

Crowdsourcing Workshop: Thursday 7 PM

Join us for a bonus workshop! The director of Horrible Imaginings selection "Night In," as well as last year's "Hello" will give a presentation on using crowdsourcing to fund your film!

"San Diego Creators" Spotlight: Friday 4 PM

For nearly a decade now, Horrible Imaginings Film Festival has worked hard to both discover and nurture the creatives lurking within our own community in and around San Diego. Films from our region have received big-screen presentations in front of our audiences in the forms of our San Diego spotlights. This is the first year, though, we have decided to dedicate an entire block to San Diego-based dark expression.

"Horror for Humanity" Spotlight: Friday 6:40 PM

Our Horror for Humanity spotlight was developed three years ago to give particular attention to films that express concern for social issues through a genre lens. This year, we look at the horrors of grief and mental illness, the possible implications and fears of Brexit, and the consequences of unsecured firearms in the hands of children. Art reflects the world around us, and we are living in some anxious times. I am curious to see what films are yet to be made.

"Midnighters" Block: Friday 8:15 PM

Our opening feature film is the fast-paced and hyper suspenseful thriller Midnighters, directed by The Walking Dead director Julius Ramsay and starring Starry Eyes's Alex Essoe! Izzy Lee's brutal "For a Good Time Call…" will open up the fun!

Opening Reception: Friday 10:20 PM

Join us after the Midnighters Q&A for complimentary refreshments in the beautiful MOPA lobby! Kick off 2017 horror in style!

"Bump in the Night" Short Film Showcase: Saturday 11 AM

Creatures, ghosts, monsters, unexplained horrors--these are the horrors lurking in the dark places that draw so many of us to the genre. Some might be real; some might be imagined. All are frightening!

"The Loved Ones" Short Film Showcase: Saturday 1:15 PM

Family. Relatives. Lovers. Friends. The people who are closest to us can be a source of some of our darkest stories. Sometimes our family is not quite right. Sometimes we do the worst things for our friends. And nothing can compare to the horrors that come from the breakdown of parental responsibility. All of these films deal with the horrors that can arise from our interpersonal relationships with those around us who are most important to us.

"3 Dead Trick or Treaters" Block (co-presented by SD Underground Film Festival): Saturday 3:30 PM

Halloween is the holiday for us genre enthusiasts, and the feature film anthology 3 Dead Trick or Treaters is quite the love letter to that dark day! A Samhain-themed anthology feature that not only gives us those tricks and treats, but does so without uttering a single word! Yes, there is no dialogue to be heard! It is also nice and short, so we found a bunch of great monster and Halloween short films to go along for the ride!

Horror Literature in the 21st Century Panel: Saturday 5:30 PM

Join four experts in the field of horror literature as they discuss intersection of film and literature of the macabre. This is a great time to learn about genre past and present and future. You'll walk out of this panel with a shopping list of great titles you'll be dying to read. Followed by readings at dinnertime!

LGBT Horror Block: Saturday 7:30 PM

Sponsored by TG Geeks and co-presented by our friends at FilmOut San Diego, our LGBT horror block shines the light on horror films with an LGBTQ perspective. This year, we have a macabre and darkly funny thriller from the UK, along with an effervescent Gothic horror short that should delight everyone!

"Happy Hunting" Block & After Party at Imperial House: Saturday 9:30 PM

Get ready for a thrill-ride of a survival horror that offers gorgeous photography and locations, wild characters, and stark satire to a tried-and-true concept. Starting with a cartoon and a vicious new slasher short called "Rotary!"

"Body of Life and Death" Short Film Showcase: Sunday 12 PM

A lot of times we think about horror in terms of some outside force coming to get us. Sometimes we experience dread from our lives, our mortality, who we happen to be that day, or the betrayal of our own bodies.

"Dark Wish Fulfillment" Short Film Showcase: Sunday 2:15 PM

Revenge, murder, the wish for power, dark justice, macabre desires. Sometimes the genre doesn't appeal to what scares us, but rather gives us something we crave at our more primal, sometimes most guilty, level. Slashers tend to be an interesting intersection here, since slasher fans tend to fulfill dark fantasies through the eyes of the killer, relishing the slaughter of a host of teenage victims, rather than feeling dread and hoping for their survival. There is something cathartic in this.

Red Christmas Block: Sunday 4:30 PM

Deck the halls with blood and gore! A wild new Ozploitation slasher, featuring the legendary Dee Wallace taking her typical matriarch to some dark new levels! Come for the presents; stay for the kills! And since motherhood is such a central theme, we have it paired with two shorts all about childbirth horrors!

Retro Feature: "Blood and Black Lace" - Sunday 7:50 PM

Legendary Italian director Mario Bava almost singlehandedly changed the Italian cinematic landscape with his artful and macabre horrors, thrillers, and bloody murder mysteries known as Gialli. Now, experience the 4K restoration of one of his most landmark masterpieces. You've never known all the colors of the dark to be as rich as this!

A Tribute to George A. Romero with "Martin": Sunday 9:40 PM

We will close our 2017 year by honoring the man who has influenced us as much as or more than any other. Best known as the godfather of the modern zombie--a concept that has taken the public zeitgeist by storm--George A. Romero is a thoughtful storyteller who received only a fraction of the recognition he deserved. We will end the evening with a screening of one of his most overlooked and underappreciated films, Martin. Martin was Romero's personal favorite of his own filmography, and it depicts not only a fresh and original take on the vampire mythos, but it puts the blue collar Pittsburgh sensibilities of Romero's best work on full display. If you haven't seen it, you are in for a treat!