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Hello everyone! I hope you didn’t eat too many people for Thanksgiving!

In today’s episode, I get to recommend some holiday reading for you. It’s a battle between a real-life horror one side, facing off against one of literature’s most popular monsters! That’s right, the new book “Dracula Vs. Hitler” has hit the shelves! I read it in just over a day, with its fast pace and sense of fun, and willingness to bring some bloodshed. How could I not invite the author to the show?

Dracula Vs. Hitler Audiobook Cover

Dracula Vs. Hitler Audiobook Cover

Patrick S. Duncan has been a screenwriter for a long time. He’s written “Mr. Holland’s Opus,” “Courage Under Fire,” “Nick of Time,” among many other titles. His resume made me extra curious to read this particular novel, which has such a gloriously absurd title. I have to admit, that it was more than I was expecting. I hope you enjoy our conversation about the story, the characters, Mr. Duncan’s writing process, and even how his personal experiences from Vietnam helped inform his work on this novel! We keep it relatively spoiler free in this discussion (unless you are a major crybaby), but I highly recommend you pick this book up in either case! San Diego people can grab it at Mysterious Galaxy Books! If you’ve read it, drop me a line and let me know what you think!

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