Short Film: When Susurrus Stirs

When Susurrus Stirs
USA | 2016 | 10 minutes | Anthony Cousins

Part of the SciFi & Creature Features Shorts Block, starting at noon on Saturday, September 10!
A body horror tale like no other. The story of one man's bond with a parasitic creature that could result in the end of us all.
A man finds purpose in his meaningless life when he becomes Host to an ancient creature named Susurrus.

Cast: Nathan Tymoshuk
Official Website
Format: DCP


[hi_image id='style-1' size='400x375' alignment='center' link='http://www.hifilmfest.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/cousins.jpg' title='Director: Anthony Cousins' text='Cinematographer/Photographer at WonderCult ' share='image' display='inline' new_window='0']Anthony Cousins[/hi_image]

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