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scareLogoColor01(1)ScareLa is less than a month away! That means not only is Halloween starting early, but so is Horrible Imaginings because we will have a film block at the convention! It is so exciting for us to be part of this amazing convention, and what better way to celebrate than with a friendly horror-loving conversation with Emily Louise Rua from ScareLA!

Emily took a look at our program from 2015 and chose some films to showcase. I wanted to see who the person was behind her choices, and also give her the chance to share the mission of ScareLA. In the podcast, we discuss:

1. What Emily does at ScareLA
2. Who is Emily Louise Rua, and what is her history with the horror genre?
3. What criteria goes into picking films for ScareLA’s screening rooms?
4. What are some of the things horror fans have to look forward to?
5. Horror lovers think of Halloween as year round!
6. Zombies
7. Haunts
8. Extreme haunts

Don’t miss the Horrible Imaginings Block August 6th at ScareLA:

HIFF Scare LA program


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