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kasey lansdaleSometimes things just happen that take you somewhere you didn’t expect to go, but there you are and it is freaking awesome. Everything about what happened Sunday feels like some kind of divine providence. I finished the novel “The Complex” by notable horror author Brian Keene at 2:00 AM, found out a couple of hours later that he just happened to be signing his new book “Pressure” that very day at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore in San Diego. Ok, wild, I thought, so I went. Joining him at the signing, then, was none other than country singer Kasey Lansdale, who also happens to be the daughter of one of my favorite authors, the legendary Joe R. Lansdale. And we hit it off! Yeah, divine providence indeed!

So, of course, I asked Kasey Lansdale to join me on the podcast and we got right to it. My first interview with a country western singer who lived her life around the horror genre. What an incredible combination. I usually get nervous when I have zero time to prepare a podcast episode, but Kasey Lansdale is such a great personality and so easy to talk to that everything came off without a hitch. You’ll see when you listen. And don’t worry–we do talk horror!

In the conversation, we discuss:

1. The Kasey Lansdale Logline
2. The East Texas town of Nacodoches
3. “All the arts are connected.”
4. The connections between country music and the horror genre
5. The craft of writing
6. Editing the short story collection “Impossible Monsters” for Subterranean Press
7. Kasey Lansdale’s favorite monsters
8. Kasey Lansdale’s acting work in Christmas With the Dead and Izzy Lee’s Postpartum short film
9. Growing up with Joe Lansdale as a dad.

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  • Chris 2016/06/2910:35 AM

    This was an excellent podcast. Kasey is an inspiration to all of us. it was great to see inside her head a little.

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