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Country of Origin: Canada (in Korean language)

A Deep in the forest, Cahng, an injured hunter searches for his family who are being hunted by a supernatural force.

I struggled between placing this in the “Natural Born Killers” or “Supernatural” section because the filmmaker uses a keen sense of ambiguity that I appreciate. To say more would give a bit too much away. The category it really belongs in could be a nice source of discussion! Either way, it is a great short with stellar acting!

“Footprints” will be featured during the “Natural Vs. Supernatural ‘Natural Born Killers’” Short Film Block, starting at 12:00pm on Sunday, September 13th!

Part of Horrible Imaginings Horror Film Festival of San Diego‘s full line-up! Get Full Festival Passes or single screening tickets HERE!


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Virna Kim
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Colin Ko

Director Bio: Kevin Saychareun

Hello, my name is Kevin Saychareun. I’m a Writer/Director tirelessly pursuing the next film. My personal hero, Canadian Director Vincenzo Natali, is currently mentoring me. I’m a member of the DGC as an Assistant Director within the GAP Program. I’m a graduate of the Media Arts program at Sheridan College, winning multiple awards during my time there. I’m also a recipient of a 2013 CMPA Mentorship in Screen-based Production, working under Kelly Makin on Remedy.

I just finished my latest short film, Footprints, a psychological thriller about a man searching for his family within a forest, only to find a more sinister force within.

Director’s Statement

My parents are native to Laos, a tiny and rather insignificant country between Thailand and Vietnam. I embrace my Laotian and I am truly proud to be born Canadian. I attended a meeting between young ACTRA actors and emerging Directors, and a young Asian female stood up and asked the Directors to write significant roles for minority actors.

I realized that I’ve only casted Caucasian actors within all my short films. I’ve always written Caucasian roles. It’s almost as if placing a minority character on screen was automatically projecting stereotypes onto that character.
Honestly, I felt almost dirty.

But I started researching and meeting Asian actors. Asian actors only get bit roles, Asian Guy #1 or Convenience Store Owner. Even looking at Hollywood movies, what sort of roles are Asian actors playing? The exotic seductress or the naked guy in the trunk, in The Hangover- either eye candy or a punch line.

I started watching more and more Asian films and out of an honest and genuine love for Korean films, Footprints was born. It was then; I realized I have a responsibility as a young, emerging minority filmmaker to create compelling characters and stories that let minority actors sink their teeth into and truly act.

This isn’t about making a film with minorities for the sake of making films with minorities. It’s also about the responsibility I feel towards Canada. I love Canada. I hear the term “cultural mosaic”, thrown around a lot, but I do feel the unique beauty of our country is in the different skin tones, the different types of spices, the languages and what should be, the different films that are made here.

I didn’t write too much about the specific film, because I hope it’ll inspire you as much as I was when I wrote it. I hope that you, the viewer , can find the genuine honesty and fierce commitment I have to this film.

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