2015 Horrible Imaginings Short Film: Cogas!

cogas poster

Country of Origin: Italy

Cogas is a dark tale about vampire witches with long tails, forced to suck blood from newborn babies in order to survive. Old and tired, the protagonist witch relies her life on her blood supplies But when she has to go hunting again, the coga will find out that her future victim might not be that easy to catch.

Cogas takes inspiration from a dark Sardinian legend ( Sardinia is a small Mediterranean Island-ITALY)

"Cogas" will be featured during the "Animation" Short Film Block, starting at 4:45pm on Sunday, September 13th!

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Eliza Langland
cogas director

Director Bio: Michela Anedda

Michela is a Sardinian animator with a big passion for foreign cultures and traditions.After her BA degree in Communication Design at the University of Sassari, Italy, she attempt an Animation Master of Arts at the Edinburgh College of Art, presenting Cogas as final project.

Michela's works are deeply connected to her homeland traditions, from the visuals to the stories, and Cogas, her first film, it's an example of her way to communicate those.

Director’s Statement

Cogas is Masters Degree final project, a stop-motion short film entirely shot at the Edinburgh College of Art in 2013. The animated short film is a dark tale about newborns blood and vampire witches, and was inspired by the original Sardinian legend.