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Country of Origin: USA

While running from agents, things go from bad to worse for Rose Hunter.

This is the ultimate story of “out of the frying pan and into the fire.”

“Boomslang” will be featured during the “Natural Vs. Supernatural ‘Natural Born Killers’” Short Film Block, starting at 12:00pm on Sunday, September 13th!

Part of Horrible Imaginings Horror Film Festival of San Diego‘s full line-up! Get Full Festival Passes or single screening tickets HERE!


Dana Hunt
Haven, Abandoned, and Stover Hill

Naoyuki Ikeda
Stover Hill and Soul Insurance

Director Bio: Tiffany Wu

Tiffany was raised by her family’s television set. No need to be alarmed. No need to call social services. This was a deliberate choice by Tiffany herself — again, no need to be alarmed. At a young age, Tiffany began to realize that the media had a profound impact on culture and beliefs, that it was more than just Saturday morning cartoons. This early observation plagued her. While her peers were wondering what rocks were made of she wondered, “What’s behind that flickering screen? Whatever it is, I want in.”

As an Asian-American, female director, Tiffany finds herself in a special group of underrepresented storytellers. Her unique taste and honest point of view has led her to explore provocative truths with driven characters. Her previous short film MELANIE, is a tale about a recovering rape victim who is invited to meet her boyfriend’s parents over dinner, only to come face to face with her attacker. MELANIE was part of Cannes Film Festival 2014, LA Shorts Fest 2014, California Women’s Film Festival 2014 and the Audience Awards 2014. Her recent short film, BOOMSLANG, is currently playing festivals. It is about a women on the run from secret agents. At the moment, Tiffany is working on another short film, FALLING SLOWLY, and is in post-production. The film is a character piece, following two unlikely women who have fallen in love and find themselves in more trouble then they can handle. It stars Julie Ann Emery (BETTER CALL SAUL, FARGO, HITCH) and Bianca Malinowski (HALT AND CATCH FIRE, REVERSAL).

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