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sleep walker poster

Country of Origin: San Diego Local Spotlight!

After a late night pee, Daniel witnesses his roommate David sleepwalking, the next night he records him and finds out why waking up a sleepwalker is dangerous.

Note: Yes, this is the second film on the program with the name “Sleep Walker” (although the other one is one word, not two). They’re both good.

“Sleep Walker” will be featured in the “Supernatural Vs. Natural ‘Supernatural’” Short Film Block, starting at 1:25pm on Sunday, September 13th!

Part of Horrible Imaginings Horror Film Festival of San Diego‘s full line-up! Get Full Festival Passes or single screening tickets HERE!


Daniel Rodriguez

Jason Garcia


Director Bio: Alfredo Morales

Alfredo Morales is an amateur horror film maker who for the past two years has hosted his own horror film festival at his high school in order to showcase his work in the macabre and suspense, now recently graduated he moves up in the world of terror cinema with his short film Sleepwalker, premiering at a legit film festival this time. The Horrible Imaginings in his home town of San Diego, California. He is currently looking for a job to pay for his future spine tingling projects.

Director’s Statement:

Sleepwalker was born out of the frustration and anger I had pent up when all my friends and family members where making fun of my first short, Dog Man. I angrily typed up the first draft of Sleepwalker, based on an idea I scribbled down in my drawing journal, and then got to work on a storyboard. Now what I present to you is a short that has all my efforts and the efforts of my crew melded together into a film experience that will shock you and take your breath away.

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