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Millie is determined to prove to the world that she’s captured the first real zombie–even if he’s not one.

It’s no small task to make zombies seem fresh (in more ways than one), but Lynne Hansen pulls it off in this fun twist!

“Chomp” will be featured during the “Creature Feature” Short Film Block, starting at 1:45pm on Saturday, September 12th!

Part of Horrible Imaginings Horror Film Festival of San Diego‘s full line-up! Get Full Festival Passes or single screening tickets HERE!


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Director Bio: Lynne Hansen

Lynne Hansen is a storyteller who, after directing her first short film CHOMP, discovered that she had been studying her entire life to become a filmmaker. She developed a love of all things creepy huddling beneath the covers watching Acri Creature Feature with her dad and big brother. She honed her knowledge of story during her six-year tenure as senior editor for a small press publishing company and as an award-winning author. She developed her eye for visual storytelling designing book covers that required condensing an entire story into a single image. She shepherded her own creative endeavors into the world, and those of others, as a marketing professional, including working with a historic non-profit art-house theater. Having struggled to find her own voice as an artist, Lynne has spoken to students at over 200 schools about how to nurture their own creative spark.

Lynne’s introduction to filmmaking came when she wrote the script for HE’S NOT LOOKING SO GREAT, a short film about a guy who dumps his girlfriend in the middle of the zombie apocalypse because she’s put on a couple of extra pounds and has had a bit too much trouble escaping from the zombies. (Hint: It doesn’t end well for him.) The script was optioned by New Orleans filmmaker Gregory G. Kurczynski in early 2013 and Lynne served as an associate producer on the project. HE’S NOT LOOKING SO GREAT made its film festival debut in November of 2013 at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival where it was nominated for Best Comedy Short.

Inspired by her experience with HE’S NOT LOOKING SO GREAT, Lynne decided to try her own hand at the helm–and loved it. She wrote, produced, and directed the horror comedy CHOMP. She was awarded the 2014 Filmmaker to Watch “Dreamer” award at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival.

Director’s Statement

When a woman is held captive by a maniac, you sympathize immediately with her plight. How will she ever be able to escape such an intimidating foe? Too often, though, the stories end up being excuses to torture a skimpily clad, big-busted woman of questionable intelligence. The forgettable girl ends up being just “the victim” and it’s always the villain you gleefully tell your friends about after the credits roll.

With CHOMP, I wanted to make a movie that turned the tables on the stereotype, putting a young man in jeopardy in a circumstance that seemed impossible to escape. And I wanted to pit him against a non-traditional villain–Millie, the sweetest, most twisted little old lady you’d never want to meet. CHOMP is MISERY meets SAW if Annie Wilkes had wanted a zombie.

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