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Country of Origin: San Diego Local Spotlight!

Paul, a seasoned hitman, receives an invitation to meet his boss in person, a very rare opportunity. His excitement is diminished when he meets Alex, an ambitious hitwoman, who has been called in for an appointment at the same time. Will there be a promotion, or a firing?

“The Appointment” will be featured during the “Horror-Comedy” Short Film Block, starting at 12:00pm on Saturday, September 12th!

Part of Horrible Imaginings Horror Film Festival of San Diego‘s full line-up! Get Full Festival Passes or single screening tickets HERE!


Pia Thrasher
Ghostline, Penance, Zero, Seizures

Mike Burnell
32, The Dinner Guest, The Body Bag

Ari Hernandez
Penance, The Vision

Glen Roberts
Resolution, Night Sights


Directors: Pia Thrasher, Jared Jacobsen

Pia Thrasher is an actress and visual artist originally from Germany, where she studied the arts at the E.T.A. Hoffman Gymnasium. She majored in English and graduated from the Euro Sprachschule Bamberg as a Foreign Language Correspondent.
Once she immigrated to the US, she once again focused on a more creative field, working as a graphic designer and production artist. She eventually branched out into the film industry in California and has recently also started writing. The dark comedy short ‘The Appointment’ is Pia’s directorial debut.

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