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Did you know what MyxTV was? I’ve just learned it was launched in 2007, and is the only English-language multicultural Asian American entertainment network in the United States. It’s broadcast in more than 15 million households on cable providers such as Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Bright House and DIRECTV. The network is also available on digital platforms, offering on demand content on www.myx.tv , as well as platforms such as Roku. I love my Roku, so I am going to check this out.

Starting tonight at 5pm Pacific Time (hey, I’m in California!), MyxTV is going to launch their new “Shiver and Shake” horror programming block spotlighting iconic Asian horror films from Thailand, Japan, Korea, and the Philippines. The series will kick off with “Tokyo Gore School”: In order to protect their darkest secrets from spilling onto the internet, the teens of Tokyo must fight to the death! Fujiwara finds himself caught in the ominous game and will do anything to take his secret to the grave.

As many of you are aware, Asian horror has developed a unique flavor over the years. I am not sure whether these will be in their original language with English subtitles or if they will be dubbed. Here’s to hoping it’s the former!

Myx TV – Shiver and Shake Full Program List– Premieres Fridays at 8/7c starting July 17

· Tokyo Gore School

· The Pot

· The Guard Post

· Vanished Girl In The Woods

· Shirome

· The Unseeable

· Evil Twin

· Missing

· Twilight Syndrome (Deadly Theme Park)

· The Screen at Kamchanod

· Nightmare Detective

· Blacknight

· The Hotel

· The Possessed

· Twilight Syndrome (Death Cruise)

· Natural Burials

· Haunting Me

· Art Of The Devil

· Midnight Hair

· Blackout

· Internet Ghost Stories

· Knock

· End Call

· Seed Of Darkness

· The Haunted House Project

· The Incredible Truth

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