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In his book “On Writing,” Stephen King compares his writing process to a type of archaeology, where he digs the story out of the Earth’s clay, piece by piece, rather than meticulously planning it from the start. I have always thought that method is where he is sometimes led astray as a writer. Imagine putting that method to filmmaking–it doesn’t seem like it would work at all. FELT would be the film that proves me wrong. In our interview, director Jason Banker talks about how he just runs the camera and builds the film around what gets filmed, and the reason that method works here is that the film’s center is so engrossing. That center is writer and first-time actor Amy Everson.

Birth.Movies.Death writes that FELT “gives rape culture what it deserves.” There is no question that FELT is a film that hopes to start conversations about misogyny, male sexual entitlement, and the sometimes frightening world that most women navigate on a daily basis. In order to have those conversations, though, people have to see the film, and that’s where I come in. We don’t spoil the film at all in this podcast episode, but I hope you will listen to what director Jason Banker and writer/actor Amy Everson have to say, and more importantly see the film when it comes to your city or when it hits VOD. If you live in San Diego, it is playing on Thursday, July 16th at 7pm at the Digital Gym Cinema at 2921 El Cajon Blvd. If you are not in San Diego, you can look for theatrical listing here.


My co-host Angela Englert and I ask Jason and Amy about:

1. Using ambiguity in storytelling

2. Filmmaking methods and eccentric characters

3. The portrayal of some of the toxicities in male-female relationships

4. The characters that serve as a counter for the main character

5. The challenge of discussing these experiences

6. The art of filmmaking and the art that appears in the film

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