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You are in luck, especially if you were not able to make our Funky Bollywood discussion at San Diego’s own Digital Gym Cinema last night, because I decided to make a podcast of the episode. And what a great idea, too, because it turned out to be one of the best and most enthusiastic Q&A’s I ever moderated, and now we can bring it to YOU! Die Danger Die Die Kill Blogger and fellow “Mysterious Order of the Skeleton Suit (MOSS)” Agent Todd Stadtman joined us all the way from San Francisco to discuss and sign copies of his new book “Funky Bollywood: The Wild World of 1970s Indian Action Cinema.”

Funky Bollywood screenshot

Films from India, and films from the filmmaking machine that has come to be known as Bollywood, are still largely unknown or misunderstood by many of the cineastes I tend to meet on a regular basis. As with most film industries, Bollywood churned out films of a wide variety of genres from action to fantasy to horror. I couldn’t wait to have this conversation with Todd about this particular subset of films because I think a lot of people would be fascinated to learn about they have to offer, how they can be found and kept alive, and how they can be introduced to new and varied audiences.

At the book signing!

At the book signing!

As far as finding Bollywood films, you should get Todd’s book as a guide in your search. I sincerely recommend it! You can order it now from FAB Press by clicking on the picture:


We also mention YouTube and Netflix as ways to find some of these films, but Todd points out Induna.com as a place to purchase DVDs, as well as Indian grocery stores and other Indian stores (including India Sweets and Spices in Mira Mesa for you San Diego folks) in cities with Indian communities. Remember to follow me on Twitter @HIFFSD and Todd @FOURDK. Todd also writes for the venerable cult film site Teleport City and acts as co-host of the Podcast on Fire: Taiwan Noir and Infernal Brains podcasts, as well as the musical radio program Pop Offensive on 9th Floor Radio.

Our Funky Bollywood Discussion Topics:

1. Why populist international cinema is important.

2. The response from the Indian community to the book

3. Why choose Bollywood films, and specifically why choose the action genre to write a book about?

4. Where do you find these films?

5. Watching films without subtitles.

6. Bollywood and Hollywood and international inspirations.

7. Defining “Bollywood” and different regions of Indian films.

8. The international allure of the action genre.

9. Where to find theatrical screenings of Bollywood films.

10. More ideas of where to find Bollywood films.

11. Differences in films from different parts of India.

12. Different character archetypes in 1970s Indian action cinema.

13. Explaining the title “Funky Bollywood,” and the music of Bollywood cinema.

14. Modern Bollywood

15. The influence on the partition of Indian and Pakistan had on the “Lost and Found” films.

16. The beauty of artifice in cinema.

Listen to the episode here:

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