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If there is a filmmaker who can be said to be the grandfather of independent cinema, Edgar G. Ulmer would certainly be in the running. After completing one major studio picture in 1934 (The Black Cat, starring Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi), Ulmer was almost unceremoniously pushed aside to the margins of filmmaking, directing ultra low budget films for the smallest movie houses. None of that stopped him from leaving his unique artistic touch on his films.

At this year’s Horrible Imaginings Film Festival, we will celebrate the life and work of Edgar G. Ulmer with a panel about his life and stories. We are honored to have his daughter Arianne Ulmer-Cipes, as well as his biographer Noah Isenberg (author of Edgar G. Ulmer: A Filmmaker at the Margins) as special guests!


Arianna Ulmer-Cipes (picture from Beyond the Time Barrier)

Arianna Ulmer-Cipes (picture from Beyond the Time Barrier)

Noah Isenberg, Ulmer's biographer

Noah Isenberg, Ulmer’s biographer

Join us for a lively look back at a filmmaker who is finally getting the prestige he deserves! The talk will be followed by a rare 35mm screening of his serial killer film BLUEBEARD, starring the legendary John Carradine as the titular puppeteer with a dark secret!

HIFFSD 2015 Poster Rough

Hand-painted Poster by Argentinian artist Pat Carbajal!

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