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With the recent tragic news that we wouldn’t be getting a Silent Hills, I have had the game Silent Hill 2 on my mind. It is one of the few video games that has really left its mark on me. My co-host Angela, on the other hand, is a big video game nerd so I decided we should take a look back on the legacy of Silent Hill 2 from our differing viewpoints. I want to thank my friend Frankie Marino for lending me his PS3 so I could revisit the game in preparation for this episode!

Because we wanted to give this singular video game its due attention, we have an extra loaded episode for you. The first bit will be free of spoilers, but the last hour or so will be a full look at the story and characters with spoilers. Spoiler warnings are given in the episode.

pyramid head

In the episode we discuss:

1. The cancellation of Silent Hills.

2. An appeal to people who don’t play any video games.

3. What makes Silent Hill 2 so different?

4. The story and characters (SPOILERS START AROUND MINUTE 29.

5. Conclusions and what is next?

You can watch the Making of Silent Hill 2 here:

If you have any other interpretations you would like to share, email [email protected] or catch us on Twitter @HIFFSD and @MechaAngela. We’d would be happy to share other ideas on future podcasts. Now, this is a long episode so get to listening!

Listen to the episode here:

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