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IMGM2310Hiroshi Katagiri is a special effects artist who has worked in Hollywood for the last quarter century. His resume includes “Jurassic Park III,” “War of the Worlds,” and “The Hunger Games.” As with many artists, though, Katagiri has the passion and drive to apply his artistic abilities to his own creative projects. After creating a series of horror short films, he is now in the middle of trying to get a frightening new horror feature off the ground. The feature is called Gehenna: Where Death Lives,” and it is nearing the end of its fundraising efforts on Kickstarter.

I have to say something here. As a podcaster and film festival director, I get A LOT of requests–and I mean several daily–from people asking me to help them promote their crowdsourcing campaigns. I love to help creatives find a new source of funding, but I have to really get picky about my choices or this show will just be a mouthpiece for Kickstarter–something I have zero intention of happening. That being said, I wanted to talk to Katagiri because I think his project looks very interesting and because I believe he has the skill to pull off a great horror film. He is dead set on using practical effects, something I am a huge proponent of. 



So, no, I am not being paid or otherwise bribed by Hiroshi Katagiri. I think Gehenna looks awesome and completely deserves our support! He has Doug Jones on board as a creature actor, so we should all get extra excited! Click on the image to help produce Gehenna: Where Death Lives!


Hiroshi Katagiri’s short films




See the making of Doug Jones’s puppet body:



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