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Hello everyone! This is my final podcast from the 2015 TCM Classic Film Festival from Hollywood. It has been an incredible experience at my third year of TCM Film Fest, not the least because of the wonderful people I’ve had the privilege of meeting and befriending along the way! You can hear me talk to many of those friends in my other podcasts, which you can listen to here: 



In today’s episode, I talk to another person I’m happy to call my friend. Her name is Noralil Fores, and she is the social media coordinator for Turner Classic Movies. She has been instrumental in the top notch TCM has done at building relationships with their fans. She has also been wonderful in helping our podcast get access to the TCM Film Festival! 

Because TCM has been so wonderful with social media, I decided to talk to Noralil about the role that plays in bringing classic film to a newer and younger 21st century audience. Our conversation was awesome, and I know you will all enjoy it so much! That about take care of my #TCMFF podcast block for this year. I’m already counting the seconds until next year! 

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  • Aurora 2015/04/028:19 PM

    Noralil mentioned CITY LIGHTS! Thought I couldn’t like her more but NOW I DO!!

    Fantastic interview, Miguel!


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